Email: Exposing Ukrainian (Maidan) Neo-Nazism (3.12.2020)

Soviet War Museum – London

Dear Gillian

Since 2014, I have worked with both the Communist Party of Donetsk and Lugansk – translating their Russian language news articles in English. Probably about 2 years ago – we attended a Communist Party protest outside the Ukrainian Embassy in London – demanding that the Communist Party of Ukraine be ‘unbanned’. The Ukrainian diplomats called the British police – saying that a ‘terrorist incident’ was unfolding outside their Embassy – because I was holding a Red Flag with a picture of Lenin on it! Still, the nice ‘armed’ Policeman that turned-up confirmed that we were not ‘breaking UK Law’ and that was that. This protest was covered in the media and photographs appeared online.

Gee – NHS Midwife

It was a dark, cold and rainy day – rather like life in the Ukraine under ‘Maidan’! Facebook banned me a few times for exposing the neo-Nazi reality of the Maidan regime – saying I was perpetuating Russian propaganda. I have Communist friends in Lugansk and Donetsk and have seen first-hand what is happening. The BBC has been one of the worst liars. A missile was captured in Italy from Qatar heading to the Maidan regime – and the BBC said it was heading to the two breakaway (fascist) Republics in the East run by Russia! 

Protest at Trafalgar Square

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