The ‘Chinese Are a Nation of Liars’ According to the Independent Newspaper!

White Man’s Burden…


Keeping an eye on various online news-streams, I am able to compile a compendium of ‘racist’ and potentially racist’ news articles deliberately penned in a non-truthful style and intended to mislead the general public about the reality of everyday like within Mainland China. The Chinese are presented in such fabricated missives as ‘subhuman’ – it is as simple as that – and as a non-Chinese person – you must unthinkingly subscribe to this view! This approach betrays the very foundations of the Western academic tradition, and only serves to ‘corrupt’ our thinking in the West!

Beautiful China…

As a people which has produced much of cultural, artistic and scientific worth for the world – we Europeans must ‘resist’ this trend of US anti-intellectualism as it is corrupting and weakening the very culture that has given us ‘modern’ existence! It is our responsibility to confront, stop and dismiss all ‘fascistic’ narratives that masquerade as ‘truth’! As a ‘great’ culture – as right-minded Europeans we should ‘protect’ other cultures from misrepresentation and from the damage that blatant racism does!  

CPC Planning Saved China!

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