Hungarian Army Atrocities in the Soviet Union (1941-1945)

Hungarian Army Troops ‘Laugh’ as they make Soviet Jews Dig Their Own Graves (1942(

Translator’s Note: Hungary was a brutal fascist regime that allied itself with the Hitlerite forces of Nazi Germany. Today, Hungary is a neo-Nazo country whose far-right government now eulogises the Nazi German era – and deliberately co-operates with the US in the disparaging of the history of the Soviet Union. From 1941-1945, however, the people of Hungary happily assisted the Nazi German invasion and subjugation of the USSR. This time is referred to as the ‘Great Patriotic War’ in Russia which saw between 27-40 million Soviet men, women and children killed. This figure not only includes those killed in battle – but also the millions of innocents ‘murdered’ by the Nazi Germans (and their allies) as part of the Holocaust. Indeed, many people remember the Hungarians of that time being far more brutal than the Nazi Germans!  Even today, the Hungarians attempt to ‘whitewash’ their own murderous history by attempting to re-write history and blame every one of their atrocities upon the Soviets themselves. Of course, as with all fascist ideology – this distorted thinking makes no sense – as it was the Soviet people who were the victims of a continuous Hungarian pogrom aimed at Communists, Slavs, the disabled, homosexuals, women and those who opposed their invasion. Hungarian soldiers’ gang-raped hundreds of thousands of young Soviet girls and women before ‘shooting’ these victims. These were not isolated incidents. Villages and towns were bombed with artillery and then machine-gunned to pieces before Hungarian soldiers moved through the area with flame-throwers. Many of the victims of the Hungarians were made to strip naked before digging their own graves. Many would then be made to lie in the pits and await their death through shooting. Even if not properly ‘dead’ – the bodies would then be ‘buried’ regardless of movement still being seen. Soviet POWs were beheaded with axes, had their hands and feet hacked-off with machetes, and their throats ‘cut’ often with blunt knives. All this killing happened with the usual dose of ‘hangings’ from lampposts and other convenient structures. The Hungarian people today – like to perpetuate the ‘lie’ of their own victimhood – as if they were the people that suffered during the Holocaust. This is untrue – as the Hungarian fascists were one of the most prolific murderers of the Jews – as well as many other groups! The Great Don Cossacks joined the Nazi Germans and acted as ‘Police’. These trained thugs terrorised the Soviet population and murdered with their swords. As the Cossacks were afmired by the Hungarians – the Cossacks put-on a demonstration of ‘killing’ Soviet POWs with live swords. This is a unique atrocity which I have recorded in this article by seeking-out the scattered photographic evidence from all over the internet (with many people not understanding what these pictures signify). The Hungarian people must throw-off their fascist past and record the tragic history truthfully that they helped to write during the time of Adolf Hitler. ACW (25.11.2020) 

Soviet Civilians Await Their Fate at the Hands of the Hungarians (1941)

The Nazi Germans rated that Army of (fascist) Romania as potentially the most effective during their invasion of the USSR (1941-1945) – certainly better organised than their Italian, Slovakian and Hungarian allies. Finland had declared itself a co-belligerent rather than an ‘ally’ and limited its military operations in the North to regaining what it considered to be ‘Finnish’ territory. Although punching very much above its weight (with regards to its relatively small population and finite numbers of men available for military service), the Finnish (fascist) Army was probably the best led, equipped and organised behind the Nazi Germans. However, as the Finnish Army remained more or less within (or near) its own geographical boundaries, Hitler could not rely upon it for any purpose other than being an irritant to the Soviets. Hitler understood all too well that despite the fascist ideology and bombastic rhetoric of the leaders of Italy, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania – this did not transform into an enhanced fighting ability of their Armed Forces! The truth of the matter was that the Romanians were not that good and the rest were far worse – but the Hungarians did excel at one thing and that was in the massacring and murdering of the Soviet civil and military populations! Indeed, so efficient was the Hungarian Army at rounding-up unarmed and innocent civilians and POWs that Hitler likened their efficiency SS Einsatzgruppen death squads who were specially trained for this kind of mass-killing by hand. Although far from reliable as a frontline unit in the heat of battle – the Hungarian Army in the Soviet Union was able to facilitate Hitler’s ‘Final Solution’ Order with the minimum of fuss and the maximum of efficiency. This ‘spontaneous’ ability impressed Hitler – as he thought it originated within some kind of mysterious spiritual world that ‘was on his side.’  

Hungarian Army Fills a Mass Grave – USSR – (1941)

Although the Hungarian Army was cowardly in actual battle – dropping their weapons and often running away at the first sight of Soviet Infantry, Cavalry or Tanks – their ability to act as mass-murderers of unarmed populations was second to none! Of course, although modern Hungary has yet again embraced the ideology of neo-Nazism, this misled generation is not willing to face what its grandparents did (in the 1940s) in the USSR. Modern Hungarian would have the world believe that it is the ‘victim’ and that the entire worlds owes it an apology. This position could not be further from the truth. The natural ‘fascistic’ mindset of the Hungarians enabled the average soldier to murder indiscriminately with sense of guilt or remorse. The Hungarian Army units were zealously sowing fear and horror throughout the occupied USSR. Here are just a few examples. 

Aftermath of Hungarian Army Massacre – USSR – (1942)

Peasant woman of the Sevsky district of the Bryansk region – VF Mazerkova remembers: 

‘When they saw the men of our village, they said they were Partisans. On May 20th, 1942, they seized my husband – Mazerkov Sidor Borisovich – (born in 1862), and my son – Mazerkov Alexei Sidorovich – (born in 1927), and tortured them. After these torments they tied their hands and threw them into a pit, then lit straw and burned them. On the same day, they not only burned my husband and son, they also burned 67 other men.’ 

Hungarian Army: Cossack Rider ‘Kills’ Captured Soviet Partisan with a Sword (1941)

Peasant woman of the same area – E Vedeshina remembers: 

‘It was in the month of May on the 28th day of 1942. I (and almost all the inhabitants) were ordered into the forest by the fascists. These Hungarian thugs also followed us there. All the people were lined-up, and the Hungarians shot and tortured 350 people, including my children were tortured: my daughter – Nina (11-years-old), Tonya (8-years-old), and my little son Vitya (1-year-old) and other son Kolya (5-years-old). I was barely alive under the corpses of my children.’ 

Resident of the village of Karpilovka – R.S. Troy remembers: 

“In our village Karpilovka, only Hungarian units (Magyars) perpetrated atrocities and murders, especially in the period from May to August 1943. They ordered us to take shovels, gathered us to an anti-tank ditch (about 40 people) and ordered us to bury the murdered corpses. The ditch was about 30 meters long and 2 meters wide. The corpses lay in a mess, and it was difficult to establish traces of firearms, for it was a bloody mess of old men, old women and teenagers. It was a terrible picture, and I could not look closely where their wounds were and where they were shot.’

Hungarian Army: Next Soviet Partisan is ‘Killed’ by Cossack Sword – (1941)

There are also other important eyewitness accounts of the Hungarian brutality. Former POW – Military Doctor of the Third Rank – Vasily Petrovich Mamchenko – spoke about the regime in the Dulag-191 Concentration Camp, located near Brick Factory: 

‘The Soviet POWs (and political prisoners) were herded into the brick-drying sheds, where there were no windows or a ceiling. They were made to sleep on the cold and bare ground. The sick and wounded were subjected to the same conditions without mercy. As the Hungarian Army deliberately withheld basic supplies – there were no medicines or dressings available. The wounds of the patients festered, worms grew in them, gangrene developed, and there were often cases of tetanus. The Camp regime was very cruel; the prisoners worked for 10-12 hours digging earthworks without a break. They fed them in the morning and in the evening with gruel – warm water and flour, a few spoons each. Occasionally, as a handout, they cooked rotten horse meat. The Camp Doctor – Steinbach – did not have the specialty of a surgeon, but he practiced operations on prisoners and killed many. When hungry POWs on their way to work bent down to pick up beets or potatoes dropped from the cart from the road, Magyar guards shot them on the spot.’ 

Hungarian Army: Cossack Sword-Killing of Soviet POWs (1941)

The Third Rank Military Doctor – Ivan Alekseevich Nochkin- who had lived in captivity in this Camp for six months, said that on September 17th, 1942 – when the prisoners of war were at work – the Nazi Germans planted explosives in the stove of the barrack (which housed 600 people). After returning from work in the evening – the POWs lit the stove. A deafening explosion followed. Those who tried to escape through the doors were shot by Hungarian guards. Corpses filled the entrance. The acrid smoke choked the people, and many were burned – 447 people died. 

Hungarian Soldiers Hang a Soviet Villager – (November) – 1942

Maria Kaidannikova – a resident of the city of Ostrogozhsk – Voronezh Region remembers: 

‘There was a bright fire burning there. Two Magyars held the prisoner by the shoulders and legs and slowly roasted his belly and legs over the fire. They either raised him above the fire, then lowered him, and when he was quiet, the Magyars threw his body face down on the fire. Suddenly the prisoner twitched again. Then one of the Magyars thrust a bayonet into his back.’ 

Hungarian Army Shows-Off Captured Soviet Flag (1942)

German Propaganda Minister – Josef Goebbels – made a very remarkable assessment of the actions of the Hungarian troops against the Soviet population in his diary. Describing the situation in the Bryansk region in May 1942, he noted: 

‘To the south of this region, Hungarian formations are fighting. They need to occupy and pacify one village after another. When Hungarians claim that they have pacified a particular village, it usually means that there is not a single inhabitant left there. This, in turn, means for us that we will hardly be able to carry out any agricultural work in such an area.’ 

Hungarian Army Wipes-Out Soviet Village ‘Using this Submachine Gun’ (1942)

An excerpt from the Order of the Division Commander – Major General Otto Abt – dated January 13th, 1942, is also interesting, in which a certain pride appears: 

‘The performance of the Hungarian units had a great impact on the Partisans. This is proved by a radio message intercepted on the night of December 24th-25th, which says: “Partisans, be very careful where the Hungarians are, because Hungarians are even more cruel than the Germans.’ 

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