Emails: Shamima Begum – Racism or Realism? (25.11.2020)

Dear Gillian (from Adrian) 

When a White British person joins the French Foreign Legion, travels to the US and joins the US military or law enforcement – volunteers for the Israeli Defence Force or to fight for neo-Nazi forces of the Maidan regime (of Western Ukraine) – he returns home suffering no persecution whatsoever, safe in the knowledge that he has exercised his freedom of choice and self-determination. No one in their right mind would think of depriving him of his British Citizenship or accusing him of being a traitor to the UK. And yet this is exactly what has happened to a 15-year-old (female) Asian child – who was obviously ‘groomed’ online (and persuaded) by a group of highly manipulative Islamo-fascist men, to travel to Syria where another group of (usually uneducated) men were given the task of ‘raping’ and ‘impregnating’ their young bodies. These young women never took up arms against the UK, and never attacked any UK interests abroad – but she was subject to misogynistic crimes of the worst kind. I think this is a straight case of Islamo-phobia disguised (and justified) as moral outrage. I remember a teenage White girl running off to Turkey to marry a waiter her family had met whilst on holiday. She was just 14 when he got her pregnant and she was brought straight back to the UK whilst her privacy was then respected. I am not supporting her political choice (if she ever really understood what she was doing), but I do respect her right to think for herself whilst acknowledging that perhaps the system in the UK has let her down. 

Britain is Behaving in a Fascistic Manner that Generates Terrorism

Dear Adrian (from Gillian) 

It is sheer hypocrisy, especially as the jihadi-fascists she was groomed by – were very much a product of Anglo-American foreign policy designed to disrupt the Middle East and progress the agenda of Israel. 

Like the US – Zionist Israel Supports ISIS!

Dear Gillian (from Adrian) 

Exactly right. Hillary Clinton is on record admitting that the US created the Islamo-fascist movement in Afghanistan in the 1970s – and although it has since grown far beyond over-all US-control (even attacking the US in 2001) – nevertheless, in her opinion the ongoing death and destruction caused by these terrorists is ‘worth it’, as she believes they contributed to the downfall of the USSR! Actually, as is typical of the Clinton’s – she lied to cover her back. Hillary Clinton falsely stated that the US founded Islamo-fascism to counter the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. In reality, the population of Afghanistan democratically ‘voted’ in a Socialist government which the US sought to destroy through terroristic means.

Soviet Red Army ‘Protects’ Ancient Buddhist Sites from US-Terrorist Attack! (1980)

The uneducated tribal-lands of Afghanistan were used by the CIA to recruit illiterate men and women to a well-financed and well-equipped (ruthless) ‘Islamo-fascist’ movement which was entirely a US fabrication integrating notions of Western (nationalistic) racism – and distorted Islamic theology. The elected Socialist government of Afghanistan was having problems containing this movement and therefore requested military assistance from the USSR – which sent-in the Red Army. It was American aggression in the region that caused all this – and not Soviet aggression as suggested by Hillary. Furthermore, a number of ‘masked’ ISIS-Al Qaeda terrorists have been observed carrying US and Israeli military tattoos on their arms – whilst being of obvious Western European stock. This means that Shamima Begum is a ‘victim’ of Western imperialism and not its perpetrator.

Soviet Red Army ‘Protects’ Modern Afghanistan People from US-Sponsored Terrorism! (1984)

The UK should exercise tolerance, wisdom and forgiveness. Shamima Begum is ‘British’ and is one of us. She is our responsibility and we should be looking-after her. This beautiful young woman needs collective support to help heal the psychological and physical scars she has suffered. Considering the terrible imperialistic history of the UK – Britain is in no position to morally lecture the world.  

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