Observer Newspaper: The Natural Racism of the British Left (22.11.2020)

‘Racist’ Pastor Regan King

Let us disobey’: Churches defy lockdown with secret meetings

It is interesting to observe how natural it is for the left, centre and right of the British media to issue articles containing casual racism regarding Mainland China. This ‘racism’ is confident because like all effective and unquestioned racist, it is assumed to be expressing certain universal truths. Just as the British media joined-in with the international misrepresentation of the Jewish people prior to WWII – it now follows the lead of US anti-intellectualism and continues the same tradition of racism used for political ends – designed to disinform, misrepresent and undermine the sovereign government of China. The British media behaves in this manner because it follows the post-WWII US policy of joining the Roman Catholic Church in its anti-Communist direction. This position invariably results in a widespread adaptation of an all-embracing right-wing ideology that is never acknowledged as ‘right-wing’, and which unites White, Black and Asian people in sharing a distinct Eurocentric (anti-China) racism camouflaged as ‘informed opinion’.  

In the above ‘Observer’ article, at least three people can be identified as participating in this policy of anti-China racism disguised as ‘informed opinion’. There is the Church of England vicar, the Observer journalist and the Editor. This article is extraordinarily ‘ignorant’ for a newspaper that considers itself ‘intellectual’.  As over 70,000 people have died so far from the Covid19 virus in the UK – this Observer article (penned by Harriet Sherwood) eulogises a threat to break the current ‘lockdown’ rules by ‘Pastor Regan King’ – of the ‘Angel Church’ – depicting this irresponsible threat to public health as being a little ‘mischievous’ and perhaps understandably ‘naughty’. This article – a combination of Observer and guardian co-operation – comes at a time when Covid19 infection rates are at an all-time ‘high’ not only in the UK-but also around the world (except Mainland China –whose infection rate has been reduced to virtually ‘zero’ through effective government measures).  

Casual racism against China is a deliberate Western policy. It is a continuation of Eurocentric. Imperialist ideology that sees the Chinese people as being physically, psychologically and spiritually ‘inferior’. This attitude is very much ‘business as usual’ for the Church of England – which like the Roman Catholic Church –pursued a policy of destroying all indigenous spiritual traditions as a precursor for converting the non-European masses to the Christian religion. This type of ‘missionary’ Christianity existed for hundreds of years in China (from around 1600-1949) causing nothing but death and destruction to the Chinese people. This suffering was finally ended with the victory of the Communist Party of China in 1949 – whose successful Revolution saw the expulsion of these unwanted Churches. As the ancient Chinese culture has very little association with Christianity – Christian theology has no relevance to the spiritual, physical or psychological well-being of the Chinese people. This is why those following Christianity today in China, represent a very small minority – but their ‘right’ to freely associate and follow their religion is enshrined in the 1956 Constitution of China – a ‘right’ which is strictly enforced within Mainland China. What is not allowed in this ‘free association’ of religious worship is any ‘direct’ interference in the internal functioning of the Chinese State by external (capitalist-supporting) religious entities such as Canterbury Cathedral and the Vatican.  

Both the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church contain monks, nuns and priests that routinely and brutally ‘sexually abuse’ children in their care (or even not in their care). This is the moral background to people like Pastor Regan King who states (in the above article) that deliberately breaking the Covid19 Lockdown rules is similar (in his distorted view) to what he describes in the following manner: ‘We’ve been holding clandestine services since this lockdown began. It feels weird for us to act this way. People have said it feels more like an underground church in China.’ As the good Pastor has admitted breaking the law in the UK – it will be interesting to see whether the British police will now act to prevent this law-breaking priest from causing any mor damage to the physical health of the British nation! The ignorance he expresses about China is mainstream in the UK and the West – and is encouraged by the Church. As the British media supports this racism it is doubtful anything constructive will be achieved on behalf of China by the White establishment. In the meantime, anyone is welcome to visit Mainland China and personally witness the freedom of worship and association that exists throughout China, and the beautiful Churches that the Chinese States assists to maintain.  

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