The Conservative Ethos & Bourgeois Feminism (22.11.2020)

Jessica Butcher – Tory Plant

New equalities commissioner attacked ‘modern feminism’ and #MeToo

According to the ‘White’, middle-class business woman named ‘Jessica Butcher’ – working-class women should forget about genuine feminist issues and take solace in jobs such as posing topless for (the racist and misogynist) The Sun Newspaper, or being scantily dressed for male-dominated Formula One. These observations were made by Butcher – one of the four ‘new’ Tory-appointed commissioners at the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) by Liz Truss – the minister for women and equalities. Butcher’s business success is described as being that of ‘digital entrepreneur’ – which means she sits in-front of a computer screen – pushing buttons to make money. It is clear from her comments that she is opposed to ‘equality’ for women and seeks to undermine the more genuine (and respected) strictures of feminism.  

The Tories obviously do not take equality seriously, as their entire ethos is one of constructive discrimination and disempowerment of the working-class. Jessica Butcher is encouraging the sexual exploitation of the female form (whilst denying the validity of education for women) – a combination that keeps women firmly under the thumb of patriarchy and sets them on the path of being the victims of sexual exploitation, domestic violence and even murder! Jessica Butcher manifests the blatant Tory disregard for the realities of society, and like a typical Thatcherite describes every implicit barrier deliberately generated to retain the class system as ‘being the fault of those who suffer from it’! Jessica Butcher embodies the epitome of middle-class male discrimination and prejudice, and appears to be a ‘plant’ by the Tory government to short-circuit the ‘equality’ process and use a woman to carry-out this mission.  

Liz Truss – Tory Crony who ‘Appointed’ Jessica Butcher

This fits-in with the ongoing Tory policy of choosing Black or Asian ministers to apply Tory racism to the issue of immigration – such as embodied by disgraced Priti Patel. Make no mistake about it –Jessica Butcher is the cold face of the Tory hatred toward women and presents the undermining of everything good achieved by Socialism and Feminism. Like a ship that disappears into the night – never to be seen again – Jessica Butcher will eventually disappear from the public eye and soon be forgotten. What must never be forgotten, however, is the ongoing struggle for ‘women to be free!’

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