The NHS and the Rhetoric of Defeatism (14.11.2020)

Ill-Equipped NHS Staff Battle to Save Lives!

Doctors warn NHS at breaking point and coronavirus vaccine will bring even more pressure

The NHS has been under severe ideological attack since 1979. The Conservative Party has a policy of privatising the healthcare system and selling it into the control of private hands. Invariably, this tendency is part and parcel of the EU strategy for the whole of Europe – and usually results in formerly ‘Socialist’ medical systems being taken-over by US healthcare providers. Whereas Socialised medical systems are financed through (mandatory) collective taxation, the private healthcare system operates through individuals possessing (voluntary) private health insurance. Socialised medicine receives ample funding through collective taxation and provides a very high quality of universal medical care to all people within a society without exception. When a Socialised healthcare system is collectively funded properly – then by legal definition – everyone in a society equally ‘owns’ a stake within that universal medical system and has a ‘right’ to receive and expect the highest quality treatment free at the point of us. This approach to universal healthcare originated within the USSR and is continued in North Korea, Cuba and Communist China, etc.  

Lenin Defies the Nazi Germans (1942)

The British Labour government developed the ‘National Health System’ (NHS) in 1948 – copying the Soviet model which had proven more than equal to the task of coping with the destruction inflicted upon the USSR by the Nazi German invasion. As Britain is one of the richest countries in the world – its tax-collecting facility possesses the ability to fund an NHS with no financial problem whatsoever. Each taxpayer in the UK should expect the best quality medical care whenever in their lives that they need it. This is not the situation today, however, as the Tories, LibDems and New Labour governments have continuously removed available treatments, closed down village and town hospitals, and replaced ‘medical need’ with ‘financial cost’. As the number of hospitals have closed, treatments have been withdrawn and Staff pay and conditions have plummeted, GPs have started enforcing protocols designed to ’hinder’ and ‘prevent’ patients accessing the NHS and the medical care they require. GPs pursue stratagems that ‘blame’ the patient for their own illness – and demand such ludicrous changes in lifestyle that death is more likely to occur before any positive change is achieved. Patients are refused access to Consultants and children are not given antibiotics no matter how ill they are. The elderly are palmed-off into the privatised care home system where their State Benefits are literally ‘stolen’ from them as ‘payment’ for the sub-standard and demeaning ‘care’ they receive.  

Cuban Socialist Healthcare (2020)

The British NHS today, exists in a state of fabricated crisis because that is exactly the situation what the Tory government wants the NHS it to be in. The implication is that if you do not like it – then perhaps you should take-out health insurance and ‘go private’! Now, with the Covid19 Crisis- the Tory government is generating the absurd reality of continuing to privatise an NHS it is also relying upon to protect the nation and administer a mass vaccination programme! NHS Staff morale is rock-bottom as no one has had a pay rise since 2010 – whilst working in appalling conditions in the face of a hostile general public. 

North Korea Cares for its People! The US Lets Its People Die!

When the Tory government cuts various services and treatments – the NHS Staff have to put these new policies into effect whilst explaining to the general public who pays their wages ‘why’ it is they can no longer expect adequate treatment or appropriate care! Due to an enforced amnesia at work in the NHS – virtually no one draws anyone’s attention to these realities and behave as if everything is functioning wonderfully! Instead of criticising decades of government cuts that jeopardise the health of the nation – health professionals would rather do ’less work’. Instead of proving the Tory government ‘wrong’ and vaccinating the entire population – the management of the NHS would rather ‘not bother’ because the task is a challenge. This is a pathetic mindset to occupy and advocate. It is the mindset of ‘defeatism’ and the mindset expected of the private healthcare industry which doesn’t give a damn about its ‘clients’ (yes – where private health is concerned – ‘patients’ are replaced by ‘clients’). This is the ‘selfishness’ of the modern NHS induced by decades of closures and cancellations. Lenin would turn in his grave! 

China’s Healthcare is International!

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