Email: The Ground is Getting Bigger! (1.11.2020)

Left-Wing Labour Under Corbyn!

Dear Gillian (1.11.2020)

Crash and burn. What Corbyn lacked was a fire extinguisher and flame-redardant trousers! He told us all to vote Brexit and he would save the NHS – then as the General Election loomed and Israel stepped up the pressure – he called us all ‘fascists’ for doing as he directrd! As he appeared to backtrack on Brexit the Labour heartlands in the North did the unthinkable and voted Tory! Corbyn got the Tories in all on his own – backbone or not! A highly effective Trotskyite me thinks!

Dear Adrian (30.10.2020)

I have a question of a purely political nature. How do the Communists of GB now view the Labour Party? The suspension of Corbyn is simply gross, it comes straight out of the fascist playboook. I am not much of a fan of him, but all he did is be pro-Palestine, and that now seems to be a crime in the UK. Therefore it leaves the Labour Party as not really a party but a sham opposition. It is the party of Blair and Starmer, it is a party of war criminals and a bent judiciary. If I were voting in the UK, I couldn’t vote for them. My concern is my working class friends in the North. They are so pissed off, but so determined to vote, where do they go?…… they are ripe to be wooed by the likes of Britain First if there isn’t some left wing opposition with balls.

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