More on the Third Eye…

The Entire World can be Seen Within

Once the muscular contraction is ‘triggered’ at will in the centre of the forehead – then the mind is focused so that the hyper ‘imaginative’ function is fully activated at the front of the brain (immediately ‘behind’ the flat bone of the forehead). It seems to be like a ‘floating cloud’ (of Technicolor) that materialises in this position as a correspondence to the a) muscular contraction, and b) the feeling of intense physical pleasure experienced in the forehead area. The sequence of events involves the practice of seated meditation with the hands resting in the lap in various orientations (mudra), with the eyes closed. The breathing is deep, cyclic and regular as the meditational method is applied (whatever that happens to be). As the muscles begin their gentle ‘spasm’, the physical pleasure builds and the ‘floating cloud’ manifests inside the mind directly behind the forehead (as if in-front of the eyes which appear to be as ‘one’- hence the ‘Third Eye’). This is where vivid and profound visions can occur without limit, in a cascade of profound and meaningful religious symbolism. This is where ‘psychic experiences’ and ‘remote viewing’ can take place. All kinds of weird and wonderful ‘visions can take place. Sometimes, great artists have this area quite naturally ‘activated’ from birth and find themselves permanently inhabiting this creative space, as do many people considered ‘enlightened’ in the East or ‘saintly’ in the West! If you are training to ‘still’ the mind, then the capacity of the ‘floating cloud’ is held in check and its manifestation remains ‘pristine’ and ‘pure’ with no images coming into being. Indeed, the ‘floating cloud’ does not have to manifest at all if the practitioner does not require it. This is where Buddhist meditation bypasses the theistic religious experience and diverts into the purely ‘spiritual’ realms free of religious interference or obstruction. If religious experiences are required, then the ‘floating cloud’ is controlled and directed in such a manner so that theistic entities manifests – and communication with the ‘divine’ takes place. As for my own understanding, this is not a ‘mysterious’ state or a particularly ‘religious’ one – although it can be used for that purpose. It is a ‘real’ experience that can probably be scientifically ‘measured’ as happening.  The physical aspects of this achievement are real and not imagined – but what is done with the ‘floating cloud’ of enhanced imagination is entirely up to the practitioner concerned, and the tradition he or she follows. The ‘bliss’ experienced from the contraction of the muscles across the forehead can be ‘intense’ and act as a natural pain-killer. Perhaps this is its original evolutionary purpose.  

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