Covid19: My Father Stands Strong!

My Dad Faces Covid19 with Strength!

My father is in his late 70’s, but we have been informed that the dreaded Covid19 has struck him! As the Tory government does not treat ordinary people – he has to ‘self-isolate’ for 14-days and ‘see what happens’. Yes – that is the attitude of the British government toward the millions of ordinary British people who have worked hard all their lives and regularly paid their income tax! When Boris Johnson contract this disease, he was immediately taken into a private ward in St Thomas NHS Hospital in London – where a team of ten private nurses took care of his every need (with one tasked only with ‘folding towels’). Ordinary NHS Staff (who witnessed this preferential treatment) were made to sign a document stating they would divulge and details about his special treatment to the media or general public. The incompetence with which the Tories have handled this situation has led to over 600 NHS staff dying due to lack of proper protective clothing – and to over 42,000 British people dying due to poor and indifferent treatment and containment strategies.  

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