Email: Cake of Moonness (29.9.2020)

Time for Mooncakes!

Dear Gillian

Things for ordinary people in the UK are not functioning properly at the moment. We usually get Mooncakes from Hoo Hing in Mitchem (a well-established Chinese Supermarket and small ethnic cafe), or Chinatown in London – but due to all the restrictions, we haven’t had a chance to do either! Furthermore, as a box of three Mooncakes sells at around £20 – we do the usual Chinese thing and wait a week or two for the prices to dramatically ‘drop’ before securing a box! Also, a long-term Gongfu student of mine – Waiman Lee – usually brings a box – but I have not been publically teaching Gongfu since Covid19 struck. Still, I am glad you reminded me of the time of year as I get lost in study and forget there is a ‘real world’ out there. I have also worked my way around the UK Government block on WeChat and reconnected with my Mainland Chinese friends! It will also be ‘Chungyong’ soon where the graves are cleaned and the ancestors fed and supplied with new clothes and money to be used in the spirit world!  These are the graves of our Chinese grandfather and grandmother mother in Sutton:清明-7-4-2019/

This is from ‘Qingming’ in the Spring, but you get the idea! It’s like ‘Chungyong’ but the other way around! 

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