Dharmic Racism: How Western Buddhists ‘Ignore’ Buddhism in China

Great Master Xu Yun (1840-1959)

The anti-greed philosophy of the Buddha has been usurped in the West – so that Buddhism becomes ‘pro-greed’ by those who practice the Dharma as a form of delusional self-aggrandisement. This is an establishment-trend and a society-wide phenomenon. It begins in the rarefied atmosphere of Western academia which ignores Buddhist practice in Mainland China, and takes its cues from Japanese academia. Fascist Japan inflicted tens of thousands of casualties upon the Americans, and killed millions throughout Asia from 1931-1945, and yet the US allowed much of its cultural fascism to survive into the post-war period where it was integrated with US-style predatory capitalism. This was useful to the US Cold War propaganda, as Japanese fascism does not only view the Chinese people as being racially ‘inferior’, but is also a priori opposed to any form of Socialism and egalitarianism (which would make life better in Asia for those forced to live in abject poverty)! As the US feared that Socialism would seep into the West through the conventions of (diasporic) Chinese cultural activity, the US ordered all NATO Members in the West to encourage and facilitate the spread of Japanese Karate and Zen Buddhism, so that all traditional Chinese culture would become ‘obscured’ or severely ‘limited’ to just the Chinese community, in the face of the ‘officially’ accepted Japanese martial culture – the same martial culture that inspired the death and destruction of Second World War! 

The anti-China racism of Japanese academia teaches that there is no Buddhism in China, and hasn’t been since 1949. This fallacy is supported by US academics who repeat it without question in their lectures, articles and books, etc. This is part of the demonisation of Chinese culture by the US which equates ‘Socialism’ with ‘no religion’. In fact, just like the United States, China arranges its society in the same manner by separating Church from State, and the Classroom from the Church. Both are secular systems that favour ‘science’ as opposed to ‘religions’ as the driving force behind society’s development. Indeed, it is the American system which has turned guns on its own people for daring to profess a faith (such as Waco) – and not ‘Socialist’ China! It is the US that is continuously perpetuating Human Rights Abuses against its own people (and people abroad) – and not ‘Socialist’ China! Buddhism, Daoism, Confucianism, Islam and Christianity are flourishing within ‘Socialist’ China according to the Law that ‘guarantees’ the right to hold (or not) a religious belief. As a consequence, Chinese Buddhism is thriving as it supports Chinese ‘Socialism’ and the restructuring of Chinese society. Chinese Buddhism follows the true teachings of the Buddha which reject greed, hatred and delusion! This is exactly what the US and Japanese academics do not want the general public to know! 

Buddhism in the West supports capitalism, and perpetuates lies about China. These attitude ‘inverts’ the Buddha’s teachings which are opposed to ‘greed’ and the spreading of ‘lies’. Much of this Western Buddhism is ‘appropriation’ where White Europeans ‘play’ at being Buddhists, whilst simultaneously exhibiting race-hatred toward the Asians whose culture they have stolen! This is the arrogance and ignorance of the continuation of neo-imperialism, where other cultures are hijacked as ‘play-things’ to be used as ‘fetishes’.  The point of this is to ‘wipe-out’ ALL ethnic (and therefore ‘genuine’) expressions of Buddhist practice as preserved within ethnic (indigenous) traditions. The ‘White’ interpretation of capitalist-friendly Buddhism must prevail over Chinese Buddhism which preserves the legitimate Dharma and does not compromise with greed! Chinese Buddhism is strong, whilst contemporary Japanese society has reached an impasse with executions, suicides, bizarre murders, pornography, sexual abuse, redundancy, sackings, homelessness and the youth asking awkward questions about WWII! Westerners must breakthrough this barrier of ‘lies’ that they will encounter whilst trying to learn about Buddhism. The 14th Dalai Lama is a US-supported criminal and is not a reliable role-model. The Falun Gong Cult is developed by the US and designed to attack and destroy Socialism in China! Study with diligence and look beyond the surface ‘lies’! 

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