The Paradox of Bob Dylan…

Bob Dylan made his millions from writing protest songs in the 1960s, and has lived off of that reputation for the rest of his life. His best songs reject capitalism (the very economic system that has enriched him), imperialism, fascism, oppression and every type of injustice. His lyrics can be interpreted as friendly toward recreational drug-taking, and supportive of expanding consciousness through drug-taking. Of course, a great deal of his output focused upon rejecting warfare and revealing the true horror of US militarism throughout Vietnam in the 1960s and 1970s. As with all successful singers, part of his output tackles relationships, love, sexuality and the tragedy of breakups. Poverty and purity also feature to lesser or greater extents. Although Bob Dylan cannot be pinned down as a Socialist simply by assessing his lyrical output, nevertheless, it is a logical assumption to assume that his politics should realistically be toward the radical left, but is this the case? 

Many people from a Jewish background often possess a sympathetic attitude toward all oppressed groups in the world, because of the suffering inflicted upon Jewish people through anti-Semitism over the centuries. Judaism is a multicultural, multi-ethnic and multiracial religion, that exists in many parts of the world in one manifestation or another. Socialist and Communist movements have a strong representation from Jewish people who align themselves fully with the worldwide antifascist movement. There are even very strong Jewish-founded anti-Zionist groups which campaign fully against any or all manifestations of Zionism. These movements include both religious and secular people of Jewish origin. Indeed, as a group that has horrendously suffered because of war and related pogroms, many Jewish people actively oppose the principle of the judicial Death Sentence, and are prominent in the Peace Movement, as well as supportive of free healthcare throughout the world. This type of Jewish activism is vibrant and something to be proud of. Behind many such left-wing, antifascist and antiracist groups, it is Jewish businesses and private individuals who quietly provide much needed financial support and legal advice, 

Assuming that Bob Dylan is part of this international Jewish effort against fascism, why does he NOT condemn the terrible treatment inflicted upon the Palestinian people by the (Zionist) Israeli State? Israel has many Jewish people living in it who routinely protest their government’s attitude and actions carried-out against the Palestinian people, and Bob Dylan would be aligning his protests with these people, rather than denying the right of the State of Israel to exist. To stop killing or maiming Palestinian men, women and children does not equate with destroying the Israeli State, or in violently attacking the Jewish people. The protest is not against the Jewish people, but rather against the fascist ideology of Zionism. Why is Zionism ‘fascist’? It is fascist because it was developed in the 1880s by White, secular, German middle-class Jews who wanted to be accepted by the gentile White middle-class that held anti-Semitic viewpoints. Ironically, the ‘gentile’ Germans would eventually go on to found the Nazi Party and carry-out one of the most destructive anti-Jewish pogroms the world has ever seen! Why waste time impressing these people? Zionism mimics White Supremacist attitudes by falsely assuming that the only true Jews are ‘White’ and ‘European’.  The racist ideological foundation of Zionism was confirmed and condemned by the United Nations in 1975, and is not an antisemitic fiction of the left, as the Zionists would have you believe. 

White Zionists are trying to create a situation that ‘forces’ the left to artificially abandon its opposition to racism and fascism, and meekly accept Zionism as ‘normal’ and a legitimate part of Jewish theology. This attitude is nothing but the normalisation of racism and the acceptance of fascism perpetuated by a ruthless regime that reduces all criticism of its murderous actions to the straw dog argument of ‘anti-Semitism’. The Zionists are trying to create an illogical and counter-intuitive situation which sees fascism practiced by a minority of White Jews as being a part of authentic Jewish practice, when it has nothing whatsoever to do with genuine Judaic practice! This is nothing but intolerant right-wingism imported into the Jewish faith by a White, middle-class minority from Germany – the country whose attitudes are inherently ‘anti-Jewish’, and whose younger generations remain painfully ignorant of their own past due to being subjected to decades of US Cold War disinformation. Bob Dylan should firmly reject Zionism and align his fine history of protest with the international Jewish community that dedicates its time to continuously fighting fascism and racism, whilst selflessly representing and supporting the rights of others. Zionism is not Judaism and represents a fascist infiltration of that religion. Virtually every protest lyric Bob Dylan has written applies to every man, woman and child of Palestinian origin… 

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