Email: Genuine ‘Eros’ is Beyond Carnality! (14.6.2020)

Dear Gillian

Eros – as ‘erotic’ verges on the carnal but is far more than the sexual act. Indeed, most sexual acts are instinctive and performed habitually with little or no ‘Eros’ present. At other times, and with other people every single act becomes ‘Eros’. What then, is ‘Eros’? This is a rhetorical question with no single ‘right’ answer. We may be in a state of ‘Eros’ or not – that’s it. Eros is a frequency of being when involved in some type of interaction with another (living) human-being or perhaps unseen divine-being. The poems written by Christian mystics are often vibrating with sexual energy whilst taking the form of spiritual worship and pertaining to isolated living as a means to ‘come into union’. Perhaps there is a link between ‘Eros’ and the ‘state of grace’ all monastics search for. Although the ancient Greeks appreciated the subtilties of human interaction, they also knew that just behind all physical activity was a stratum of vibrating creativity that pre-exists all sexual union, and post-exists all sexual fulfilment if cultivated correctly. Eros can be sexual in function, but does not necessarily have to be so, although it would be equally wrong for me to assume that Eros had no sexuality contained within it. The ideas of intimacy, the dropping of barriers and the experience of receiving and giving pleasure all feed into the light of erotic creativity, with the caveat that all interaction can be elevated to the height of the erotic if approached from the right perspective. This implies that non-sexual activity can be transformed by the presence of ‘Eros’ in ways that are difficult to explain but equally definitely easy to experience. This state of heightened awareness is transformative in that a ‘new’ self is born from the experience, just as a ‘new’ human-being can result from successful sexual union – there are parallels, of course. Perhaps it might be better to approach ‘Eros’ as pertaining to non-physical sexuality, that might (or might not) involve a progression into sexual practice. A painting (or other piece of art), might be ‘erotic’ not only because of its content, but because of its ‘spirit’ and manner in which it was produced. The attitude of the artist comes through each brush-stroke as each new observer experiences every time the piece is viewed. We are one another’s canvas upon which we freely create in the name of transcendence.  

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