How the Far-Right ‘Shock’ Video Sites are Misrepresenting the George Floyd Protests!

Keeping an eye on the destructive ignorance of the far right in the US and Europe is an important aspect of genuine (non-Trotskyite) anti-fascism in-line with the ideology of Marxist-Leninism! I have written elsewhere about how these ‘shock’ video sites operate and how their membership is riddled with far-right extremists. Ample evidence suggests both police and government collude to allow these sites to continuously operate and act as ideological focal points for the far-right. Young people can easily access these sites (which operate on the principle of ‘self-censorship’ – if you are underage – then you must ‘voluntarily’ remove yourself)! Generally speaking, ‘shock’ sites are recruiting grounds for ardent racists as far-right terrorists – but every time a neo-Nazi nutcase goes on a killing spree, the fact that he frequented Bestgore, Crazyshit, theync (and many others as recorded in Court Records and Police Interrogations – is simply ignored). Regardless of the death toll and destruction caused by the new acolytes of Hitler – no action is taken against the shock sites which carry-on as normal (the only exception to this has been action taken by the Canadian government a few years ago, against the founder of Bestgore – who justified his racist and skewed view of reality on his right of ‘freedom of speech’. Since that time, however, Bestgore has carried-on its fascistic mission without interruption, whilst the Canadian government has sided with the US over its support for fascism in Western Ukraine, etc). Today, Bestgore, Crazyshit and theync (amongst others), tried ignoring the George Floyd protests after first showing the video of his murder and supporting the police doing the killing! As the US population – Black, White, Asian, Chinese and Hispanic, etc, –  came together in condemnation of the murder of George Floyd, the ‘shock’ sites continued their mission of presenting the White race as ‘superior’ and the ‘victim’ of ‘multiculturalism’ (all tried and tested Hitlerite distortions of reality). However, as the riots grew in intensity, and even some US police personnel came out o n the side of the protestors – the ‘shock’ sites changed tactics (it is interesting how these disparate sites seamlessly coordinate their response), started editing videos and altering content to give the false impression that what was happening was a not a multicultural condemnation of White Supremacy in the police, but rather a Race War with the fragile and outnumber White community being viciously attacked by an out of control Black community hell-bent on rape, pillage and murder! This false paradigm is exactly the rhetoric being broadcast by President Trump, who has called upon armed White people to help the police by killing Black and Asian looters! One of the lasting impressions of these protests is how the different ethnic groups in the US are coming together in mutual condemnation of a vicious murder of an innocent Black man at the hands of what appears racist White and Asian police officers! These ‘shock’ sites perpetuate a Hitlerite misrepresentation of reality and should be closed down, with their Administration staff and founder tried for Crimes Against Humanity!  

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