How Trotskyism will Stabilise Capitalism in the US!

Marxist-Leninism is very weak in the US due to decades of anti-Soviet and anti-Communist disinformation propagated by the US government. As a consequence, the Communist Party in the US is fragmented, has a poor membership and is disconnected from the masses of working-class people. What is strong is the US-sponsored Trotskyism, which historically opposed the Marxist-Leninism of the Soviet Union, and pursues a path of collaborating with capitalism and fascism whilst ‘pretending’ to oppose both! The point of Trotskyism is to divert the working-class masses away from Marxist-Leninism and from building a strong, vanguard Communist Party that would lead the masses in the true over-throw of the bourgeoisie!  Trotskyism is directing the current disgruntled masses in the US at the moment, and not Marxist-Leninism. Yes – there may well be individuals and disparate groups of die-hard Marxist-Leninism – but it is the false conscious of Trotskyism that is imbuing the crowd with its pseudo-Socialist rhetoric, Red Flags, looting and violence. The Trump State has Intelligence Officers that are briefing President Trump along the lines of my above assessment, with all kinds of treachery and deception being used by the US Authorities to retain power and put-down the uprising. The US Authorities most encourage and align itself with all Trotskyite activity because this is exactly how the capitalists will retain power (and exactly why all genuine Communist should reject, expose and fight Trotskyism)!  The Trotskyites will quell the uprisings in the name of the retention of the capitalist State – and they will call this settlement ‘Revolution’. Nothing will change and the Trotskyites will call this ‘Victory’!  Anti-Black racism will continue at exactly the same intensity as before with deaths in custody being blamed by the Trotskyites on the ‘behaviour’ of Black people – rather than upon any Eurocentric racism on behalf of police officers! The status quo will respond with draconian action that will divert attention away from the police murder of George Floyd and toward the cost of the riots in the damage done to private property, and the economic damage inflicted on businesses. The predatory capitalism will re-assert itself as people return to the usual apathy that accompanies the long hours of mind-numbing work to pay the rent and feed the family, etc. With Covid19, millions of people have been sat at home for weeks with nothing to do – this is why the police murder of George Floyd has had such a devastating effect across the country. Covid19 has created very unusual social conditions. The US police kill people all the time – quite often for no justifiable reason whatsoever, and yet each police murder does not attract this level of public discontent. Most people remain different, whilst a few might moan and groan until the Courts ‘clear’ the officers involved of all wrong-doing, and the police department promote their habitual murderers to even higher position of authority and power! Another factor is the fact that an open fascist now sits in the White House giving credibility to racism and intolerance. Donald Trump is stupid – yes – but this ‘stupidity’ perfectly reflects the US anti-intellectualism that pollutes and infects the American psyche! These riots will be over soon and the status quo will be re-established with no change. There may well be the odd apparent concession such as an official statement condemning racism – but this will change nothing. The police will continue to perform their function of acting as a private paramilitary force for the bourgeoisie. Many Black people will continue to complain about racism whilst fully conforming to the ideology of the predatory capitalism that causes it!   

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