China’s Vegetarian Tradition Will Defeat Western Racism

The West has launched a highly aggressive propaganda war against China which is proving popular across the ethnic divide! White, Black, Asian and even diasporic Chinese people are all assisting President Trump by avidly sharing fake news stories about the SARS situation, and participating in distributing videos about various types of Asian people ‘eating’ meat and being cruel to living animals in various ways. Despite these videos being from all across the world, they are falsely blamed as ‘originating in China’. Interestingly, the fact that Native American Indians routinely slaughter domestic dogs with great cruelty before cooking and eating them is generally omitted from this racist narrative, as is the fact that dogs are ate as a delicacy in Switzerland, whilst other European kill horses using a hammer blow to head, before cooking and eating the meat! Animal cruelty in the US colonies of South Korea (where slaughtered dogs hang in Butcher shops) and Taiwan (where dogs are often cooked ‘alive’) are omitted. Another reality of the capitalist meat industry are the numerous 24-hour slaughter factories that exist all over the Western world! The animal rights industry in the West often assists with this type of anti-China racism by continually distributing false news. The reality is this – animal cruelty exists in the West – but only Communist China (which is now a very rich country) has passed laws forbidding the ill-treatment of animals. The West complains about ill-treating animals but refuses to legislate as this would ‘interfere’ in the process of capitalist money-making. Chinese people are human-beings with a variety of attitudes toward animal welfare, but Chinese culture retains Daoist and Buddhist traditions of compassion and loving kindness toward animals which are entirely lacking in the West. Many Chinese people, as a consequence of these traditions, adhere to a vegetarian (or vegan) diet which is catered for by an entire menu of Chinese food. This tradition of not harming any living creature is a mainstay of both Daoist and Buddhist monasticism in China and beyond. Exercise wisdom when confronted with false news. Consider its origin and the purpose of those posting it. Is it truthful? Is it relevant? Is it useful? Does it enhance peace, or does it encourage greed, hatred and delusion?  

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