Tibet Autonomous Region – High People’s Court Legislation (2019)

Tibetan Lamas Democratically Pass Laws

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Translator’s Note: The racist Trump Administration continues its highly aggressive attacks upon China’s self-determination with a multi-dimensional offensive which includes a policy to dismember the Mainland by removing Tibet, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan from its sovereignty. The exiled 14th Dalai Lama is a capitalist-supporting criminal currently employed by the CIA. As such, he is an agent of US racism, and no longer represents Tibet. When he chose to betray China and take the side of foreigners, he lost any relevance he may have once had. This is why the US ‘Tibet Support Act (2019)’ is nothing but a sham document with no power or importance for Tibet or China. When the Dalai Lama finally passes, his corrupt interpretation of Buddhism will die with him, as will his treachery and deceipt! In the meantime, the people of Tibet (both ‘lay’ and ‘monastic’) are going about the lawful business of administering the TAR! ACW (4.2.2020)

In 2019, the Court System of the Tibet Autonomous Region accepted a total of 40,429 cases and concluded 35,661 cases, a year-on-year increase of 32.22% and 30.39%, respectively, with the rate of settlement within the time limit reached 99.51%. Among them, the Tibet Autonomous Region’s High People’s Court accepted 667 cases and concluded 502 cases, providing powerful judicial services and guarantees for promoting Tibet’s development of various ecological and other stablising undertakings.

The Court System of the Tibet Autonomous Region implements the overall concept of National Security and resolutely maintains the overall social harmony and stability of the region. Always maintain a high-pressure level in combating crime, gives full expression to the functions of criminal trial and issues the correct punishments, deterrence, prevention, and education, and concluded 3,094 out of 4,026 criminal cases; this process involved severely punishing 326 cases because of serious violent crimes such as intentional homicide, robbery, and rape; 350 people were punished. There were 1,620 solved out of 1,871 crime cases involving drunk driving, traffic accidents, etc . There were 219 criminal cases involving 250 criminals committing social network fraud, drugs, and endangering food and drug safety, with the lives and property of all ethnic groups protected according to these laws.

Severe punishment for crimes such as corruption and bribery saw concluded 99 out of 110 cases, which saw a strengthening on the crackdown on bribery cases. There were closed 10 of 17 cases of bribery, and also closed was the first case of surrendered Tibetans who had committed crimes abroad (retrurned by foreign powers), forming a powerful case for corruption deterrence and effective purification of political ecology. The People’s Court will further advance the special struggle to combat crime and eliminate evil, and insist on stability overriding all other considerations, and take crime elimination as an important part and basic work of maintaining this stability. The People’s Court also severely cracked down on violent terror, ethnic division.

The People’s Court efficiently combatted religious extremism (and other similar crimes) that endanger national security, severely punished illegal organizations, instigated action against separatists, and related financial crimes against national security – in accordance with the law. The People’s Court has concluded 24 relevant cases and processed 37 people, concluded 34,257 cases involving terrible crimes, levied fines amounting to 88,500 Yuan and confiscated property worth 665,900 Yuan, as well as recovered 1,286,600 Yuan of illegal income. This is all achieved with a firm framework of strengthen, protecting and ensuring Human Rights through judicial protection, taking into account the natural conditions of the country. The People’s Court – operating leniency in relevant cases – exempted 60 people from criminal responsibility. 

Eight people were acquitted to ensure accurate convictions, appropriate sentencing, and fair procedures. Three national compensation cases were concluded to fully protect the legitimate rights and interests of the claimant; 958 cases of commutation and parole were concluded in accordance with the law, so that criminals who actively confess their crimes can be integrated into society as soon as possible. There is an emphasis in the rule of law and due process. There were 63 cases out of 84 crimes involving minors which were concluded, and 16 amnesty cases handled according to the law, demonstrating the confidence of our Party in governing and applying a fair system. This is how a safe and strong Tibet is built, preserved and maintained!

Original Chinese Language text:



    1. The United States Government has released its own documents admitting the facts – whilst creating a Wikipage detailing the CIA operation in Tibet in the 1950s. Prior to that the Dalai Lama was friends with the Nazi Germans. He also routinely breaks his vows as a Buddhist monk. The point is all this is in the public domain and I am surprised you had to ask!


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