Book Review: In Defence of Juche Korea – By Dr Dermot Hudson

Excellent Scholarship!

This is one of a number of authoritative books written by the British academic and expert upon North Korea – (the former Civil Servant) Dr Dermot Hudson. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) has existed as a Socialist State since 1948, but its ideological underpinnings stem from the inspired thinking of its founder – Kim Il Sung – and can be said to date back decades before this date. This book is in A4 paperback with a large-print format which can assist the visually impaired. The book is comprised of 161 pages, and has an Introduction dated as being written in August, 2017. This book is structured as follows: 

Introduction – Two Chapters: 

1) Foundation of the DPRK and its Development 

2) DPRK is Invincible Powerful Socialist Country 

Section One – The Country with Great Leaders 

Section Two – The Country whose Guidance is Juche Idea and Songun Idea 

Section Three – The Country with Invincible Unity and Cohesion 

Section Four – People-Centred Socialist Country 

Section Five – The Country that Ensures Genuine Human Rights 

Section Six – Powerful Country of Self-Reliance and Self=Development 

Section Seven – Nuclear Power in the East (Two Chapters): 

3) South Korea, Colony of the US 

4) Let US Further Strengthen, Support, and Add Solidarity to Juche Korea 


Dr Dermot Hudson has visited North Korea many times, and has travelled the geographical length and breadth that defines it as a distinct nation. He is well placed to express educated opinions that are supported by evidence and material fact. His research delivers a very different assessment to that concocted by US-sponsored attempts which seek to ‘disinform’ and ‘mislead’ about the DPRK and its Socialist ideology. Juche is a Korean concept which can be used to refer to the innate power that is generated (and creatively expressed into the environment) through the exercise of the sovereignty of the people! This is the outpouring of tremendous progression and creativity which follows immediately after the workers have ‘seized the means of production’. In this regard, Juche is an ongoing and unfolding process which is the foundation of the North Korean State! Developed as a Revolutionary concept by Kim Il Sung, King Jong Il and Kim Jong Un – ‘Juche’ is the dynamic (dialectical) principle that continuously breathes new life into the Korean Revolution! Related to this principle (and just as important), is the idea of ‘Songun’ – or the military ingenuity and strength which emerges from the collective working-class control of society. Songun is like an iron-wall which exists to protect the Revolution from any and all external threats (The Author defines ‘Songun’ in another book in this series). This book dispels ALL negative views and interpretations written about North Korea, and very much sets the record straight! A very enjoyable read  

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