Japanese Officers and Military Units Responsible for the Nanjing Massacre (1937)

300,000 Deaths is a Conservative Number!
Troop nameSupreme Commander
Central China FrontCommander: Army General Matsui Ishigen
Shanghai troopsCommander: Lieutenant General King Hatohiko
3rd Division Advance TeamCompany Captain: Takahata Mori
9th DivisionDivision Chief : Lieutenant General Jisumi Ryosuke
16th DivisionDivision Head: Lieutenant General Nakashima
Yamada Division (part of the 13th Division)Captain of the 103rd Brigade of the Brigade: Major General Yasuda Yamada
10th Army-Commander: Lieutenant General Yanagawa Hirasuke
6th DivisionDivision Chief: Lieutenant General Gu Shoufu
18th DivisionDivision Head: Lieutenant General Masao Ushima
114th DivisionDivision Head: Lieutenant General Matsushige Matsushige
Kunisaki Division (9th Brigade of the 5th Division)Captain: Major General Kunizaki Asahi

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