Discovering the Uyghur ‘Concentration Camps’!

New Uyghur Housing

The Economist newspaper in the UK first printed the ‘lie’ about Concentration Camps existing in Xinjiang province, within which the Communist Party of China is supposedly imprisoning the entire (Muslim) Uyghur population! Evidence suggests that the disinforming ‘The Economist’ was acting on orders from the US Government in its ongoing attempts to undermine and bringdown the Socialist System. These bourgeois efforts have become ever more desperate as China’s economic development transcends that of the US, and China’s science, technology and Space Programmes makes plans to send female Cosmonauts to Mars!  Recently, China launched a quantum satellite – an achievement the US has no answer to. Whilst the US backs neo-Nazism throughout Eastern Europe and works to overthrow democratically elected ‘Socialist’ regimes in South America, the Communist Party of China continues to raise the living, working and education standards for all its people. In the last four years, the CPC has relocated around 170,000 Uyghur people into entirely new and purpose-built cities and towns. The houses are of the highest quality and fitted with all the modern conveniences expected of an emerging first world country! It is photographs of these new and progressive living spaces that the Western media is dubbing ‘Concentration Camps’, but yet again, Socialist China has made the Western world look stupid! Improving the lives of the impoverished is the long-term plan for China to eradicate any and all terrorist tendencies – much of which originates outside of China! Muslims who assist the capitalist West to attack China and spread lies – are NOT true Muslims. Follow the Qur’an properly and be truthful.  

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