BBC Radio Play: Kill the Cameraman First (2002) – a Communist Revolution in the UK!

Soviet Liberation of Budapest

Of course, in 2002 the ‘New’ Labour Party was in power in the UK and this radio play – commissioned by the BBC – can be viewed as shockingly leftwing when judged today by the BBC’s rightwing trajectory. Unfortunately, whilst under the influence of the Tories (and LibDems), the BBC has turned into a propaganda arm of the US Government and has given-up any pretence of impartiality (or factuality) in its reporting.  This play – penned by Don Taylor – is extraordinary and clearly presents a sound critique of predatory capitalism and describes a popular uprising (or ‘Communist Revolution’) in the UK!  British Government Forces are depicted as taking on the British People’s Liberation Army centred on the high-rise Council Estates of the major cities. The main character appears to be a middle-class British man, who like Kafka in ‘The Trial’, or ‘The Castle’, is completely existential in his awareness, has no memory of the past or how he has got into his present position. He is the embodiment of ‘alienation’ attempting to look for some kind of objective truth and makes sense of it all. The British Government Forces (supporting the bourgeois status quo) seeks to brutally eradicate the armed working-class masses. A British Revolutionary fighter states ‘the graveyards of the world are full of our hopes…’  The BBC today – copying the typical rightwing tactic of ‘lying’ – routinely produces ‘disinformation and ‘false news’ (a brainwashing process assisted by US social media platforms of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, etc). In 1989, the BBC (under rightwing Thatcher) assisted the US in ‘lying’ about events in Tiananmen Square (China) – where BBC Reporters such as Kate Adie and John Simpson ‘lied’ about seeing Chinese people ‘killed’ by the Chinese Government – an allegation always denied by the Chinese Government (but which Adie and Simpson made lots of money out of through books and documentaries, etc). Since that time, I have communicated with many Chinese people who were in Tiananmen Square on the day in question, and everyone has stated to me that the West ‘lied’ and that ‘no one’ was killed. In 2011, Wikileaks confirmed that the US Government concocted the entire scenario (in an attempt to bring down the Communist Party of China), and that the British Government (and BBC) conspired in these lies. Prior to this, of course, the BBC had ‘reversed’ film footage of striking Miners ‘retreating’ from highly violent police – giving the false impression of the miners ‘attacking’ police! Again, under the Tories in 2014, the BBC aligned itself with President Obama’s policy of supporting the (illegal) neo-Nazi take-over of Western Ukraine – depicting these ‘fascists’ as ‘freedom fighters’ and the Socialist (Marxist-Leninist) fighters of Donbass as Russian-backed ‘fascists – thus inverting the truth of the matter – a situation the BBC continues to follow today. The BBC turns a blind eye to the neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ Government when it routinely celebrates the Nazi German invasion (and Holocaust) in their area of the former USSR during WWII, whilst committing endless War Crimes against the civilian populations of the Donbass area of Eastern Ukraine. This is part of a broader ‘European Union’ (EU) anti-Socialist policy, generated by the US military presence in Europe post-1945. The EU pursues the usual anti-intellectual tradition perpetuated by the US Government and US education system. It is a simple policy for a stupid people which sees reality turned upon its head. Whereas Marxist-Leninism profoundly resists and thoroughly rejects fascism in all its forms, the capitalist West – with its ‘fake’ liberal democracy – chooses to depict reality the wrong way around. The dark and destructive forces of ‘fascism’ are presented to the masses as ‘freedom’, whilst the Socialist Forces of freedom from fascism – are depicted as ‘fascist’. This is not the case in this extraordinary ‘play’. Where ‘capitalism’ and ‘fascism’ are clearly depicted for what they are – and Socialism (Communism) as a mass movement of the people in the face of oppression. The British Government Forces (in this ‘play’) pursue a practical policy (like the Israeli Defence Force) of shooting and killing camera-operators working in combat zones – to remove any evidence-gathering devices (and ‘witnessing’ personnel) just prior to the carrying-out of illegal acts. In this instance, British Forces shoot-dead a camera crew just prior to deliberately massacring groups of women and children trying to flee the fighting!  This is justified on the grounds that ALL the workers are ‘rising up’ and that therefore ALL working-class people are legitimate targets (despite this being an ‘illegal’ definition). During the ‘Great Patriotic War (1941-1945), the Nazi German Forces routinely targeted the ‘unarmed’ Soviet (Red Army) cameramen and women to ’prevent’ any objective evidence gathering of Hitlerite atrocities! The Ingenius Soviet cameras worked through being round-up –like a watch. As so many of these brave Soviet men and women were killed in action, their cameras were found and retrieved at later dates – building an invaluable treasure-trove of all the terrible events leading to the end of Hitler and his corrupt and murderous regime! We see, for instance, numerous Red Army soldiers bravely running into enemy fire and being cut-down whilst carry Red Flags!  

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