Facebook Banned Me for Supporting Jeremy Corbyn (18.11.2019)

The Messages of Facebook Have Become Ever So More Fascistic! Down with US Fascism!

This banning is slightly different in that although I cannot directly ‘post’, ‘like’ or ‘report’ on Facebook, I can still post on FB via an Instagram ‘share’, and probably a YouTube ‘share’ (I will test this later). I was making a post about Joseph Stalin at 1040hrs this morning, when the above message appeared. I am a British academic who specialises in exposing US Cold War lies, and shared the following picture of a special Chinese Communist stamp celebrating the 70th birthday of Joseph Stalin – issued in 1949.

However, I have been informed that my banning in this instance, derivs from a post I made yesterday, on an Israeli FB page which was attacking Jeremy Corbyn. Apparently, the FB Admins were trying to accuse me of anti-Semetism on the grounds that I stated that the UN declared Zionism to be a form of ‘White Supremacy’ in 1975, and an expression of White fascism. As these two statements are ‘facts’, I could not be fully ‘blocked’ in the usual manner, although as this is now my third FB ‘banning’, I am being subjected to the usual and gradual increase of days without posting. I make these notes as I view the behaviour of FB to be criminal and a violation of International and UK Law. My first ‘banning’ was for 24 hours because I oppose the Western-backed neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ regime currently operating out of Kiev, whilst my second FB ‘banning’ of 3 days was because I correctly stated that the USSR lost around 40 million – and China lost 60 million – fighting International Fascism during the 1930s and 1940s. I post openly about the Vatican continuously supporting fascism and neo-Nazism, and Zionist Israel committing genocide against the Palestinian people (whilst persecuting their supporters), Another area is the US-controlled EU – which has orchestrated a wave of neo-Nazism throughout Europe and has been a main supporter of the US anti-Russia policy, as well as the impetus for the Tory-LibDems ‘Austrity’, dismantling of the British Welfare State, and the privatisation of the NHS (which according to the UN has killed around 130,000 to date. I am open to attacks from all these sections of the reactionary world. This is the post I made yesterday:

‘My answer to an anti-Corbyn Site:

Israeli troll site scared stiff that Corbyn will be elected, recognise a Palestinian State and then try key Israeli political and military personnel for War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity. Watch the video of the recent Israeli murders of Palestinian children to realise just how evil Zionism is and the Tory-LibDems Government that has backed it! Finally, the US backed the IRA and gave it weapons to kill British soldiers…’

#votelabour #saveournhs #austerity

The fight continues against Facebook illegality, EU fascism and Israeli genocide!

Update: FB has prevented me from sharing this post as it does not want the general public to know what it has done.

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