The Last Stand of the British Druids and Celts! (60 CE)

‘On the shore stood a line of battle, dense with armed men with women running among them, dressed in funeral clothes like the Furies and with hair dishevelled, waving burning brands. And the druids all around, pouring out dreadful curses, lifting their hands up to heaven, unnerved the soldiers by the novelty of the sight, so that their limbs were paralysed and they were like sitting ducks. Then, pulling themselves together by their general’s encouragement not to be scared of a flurry of crazy women, they carried the standards forward and overthrew those in their way, wrapping them up in their own fiery brands. 

A force was then imposed on the conquered, and the groves destroyed which were sacred to savage superstitions – for they held it as divine law that they should cover their altars with the blood of captors and consult the gods by studying human entrails.’ 

Tacitus: Annals – Roman Attack on Mona (Anglesey) – 60 CE 

Paul White: Druids in the South-West?, Bossiney, (2017), Page 7 

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