State of the Battlefield (30.10.2019)

We do not accept (or take) the bourgeois ‘gloss’ of events as the basis for the interpretation of historical events. These fictitious narratives are the result of one ‘fact’ welded to two ‘factoids’ (or statements that sound ‘true’ but have no basis in reality). The Bourgeois State invariably uses these narratives to empower (and maintain) its position of dominance throughout society, and to present its working-class victims as invariably ‘inferior’, potentially ‘criminal’ and generally ‘wayward’. This is merely a continuation of the bourgeois tactic of using its social, cultural and political privileges to dominate the working-class at the point of contact. We are advised to ‘learn our place’, if we do not want to be subjected to the ‘wraith’ of the Bourgeois Establishment. Once this is a) understood, and b) exposed for the fallacy it is – then we as the working-class may get on with the task of disengaging ourselves (physically and psychologically) from the machinations of the Bourgeois State, and develop a true and strong (independent) Proletariat presence. As we – the working-class – has been disempowered by a ruthless capitalist system that reduces us to impotent and weak ‘individuals’, we are quite literally ‘alone together’ – as our Irish Comrades have stated for decades! 

As matters stand, this is the state of the battlefield between the Wyles Family and the Bourgeois State (which is dedicated to fully applying the ‘Austerity’ policies put into practice by the Tory-LibDems ‘Coalition Government’ since 2010 onwards).   

The Bourgeois State has achieved two of what we think are its ‘three’ underlying objectives: 

1) My family has lost their home and the majority of our personal possessions through the unjust Eviction inflicted upon us on the 28.10.2019. 

2) My family has been forcibly ‘separated’ and ‘split’ into smaller and weaker campaigning groups, currently occupying whatever accommodation we could secure at short notice. All the family pets have been put into kennels with an uncertain future.  

3) The objective yet to be achieved by the Bourgeois State is to reduce my family to the state of complete ‘homelessness’. This scenario is near at hand, as we cannot ‘equal’ the real tyrannical power possessed by the Bourgeois State.  

My family is being punished by the (Tory) Bourgeois State for refusing to acquiesce to the destruction of our settled, family life through the policies of ‘Austerity’. We regret nothing! We fight for those who ‘died’ before us – the brave 130,000 – who went out quietly before the British Nation was truly aware of the extent of this latest ‘Holocaust’ against the disabled and vulnerable trying to ‘exist’ in a highly prejudicial UK! We will not go out quietly! Long Live the International Working Class!  

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