The Anatomy of a State Sponsored ‘Eviction’ (28.10.2019) – the Battle of Casa De La Rosa!

The Landlords – Robert and Christine Fletcher – Tax Exiles in Dubai – The Gurney Used by the British State to Remove my mother

My parents, sisters, brother in law and family pets were ‘Evicted’ yesterday by order of the Torbay Courts – enforced by a bunch of thugs termed ‘Bailiffs’ stationed in the famously right-wing Newton Abbot. Why was this? My parents never defaulted on their rent (and in fact have fully paid up to November 2nd, 2019), and were not found guilty of participating in any illegal activity or subject to any criminal investigation. The historical reasons for their Eviction are as follows: 

1) Two and half years ago, my mother stood-up to Torbay Social Services for their continuously corrupt and disruptive behaviour. 

2) In retaliation, Torbay Social Service illegally removed Charlotte Wyles (my psychologically and physically disabled adult sister) from the family home in Torbay Road and incarcerated her in a privatised care home.  

3) In an attempt to remove my family from their home (which they moved into in 2002) – Torbay Social Services instructed Robert Fletcher (the landlord) to repair a loose roof tile around 18 months earlier, and then further instructed that the entire house be ‘assessed’ by Torbay Council. We subsequently discovered that Robert Fletcher, his partner Christian, Torbay Council and Torbay Social Services were all ‘colluding’ together behind the scenes, and exchanging emails advising one another on how to present a united front in response to my family’s legal action. Information was exchanged about how to outmanoeuvre what my family’s solicitors were doing (violating Data Protection).  

4) Robert Fletcher responded with a ‘Retaliatory Eviction’ giving 6 weeks to vacate the property. 

5) Torbay Council – in support of Robert Fletcher – ‘checked’ the property and issued a list of ‘repairs’ that the landlord must make ‘before’ any request for the family to leave the property is considered. 

6) Torbay Council and Torbay Social Services refused to acknowledge the ‘illegal’ nature of the landlord’s ‘Retaliatory Eviction’ and continued to assist Robert Fletcher. The landlord’s ‘Retaliatory Eviction’ should have been declared null and void. 

7) Torbay Council (in support of Robert Fletcher) then issued a ‘Prohibition Order’ on the residence – stating that as the landlord (Robert Fletcher) had not carried-out the repairs, the house was now ‘unhabitual’ and my family should leave forthwith.  

8) As my family was still living in the residence when Torbay Council enacted its ‘Prohibition Order’ (supporting the landlord’s ‘Retaliatory Eviction’), it also triggered a number of legal responsibilities on behalf of the issuing Council – as the standing tenants are defined as ‘victims’ of an unruly landlord, and are not criminals, have done nothing wrong and have not made themselves homeless.  

9) When the legal responsibilities have been pointed-out to Torbay Council – its representatives have continuously attempted to ‘negate’, ‘confront’, jeopardize’ and ‘explain away’ all these responsibilities. Torbay Council has to suitably rehouse all tenants effected by any ‘Prohibition Orders’ it issues. Generally speaking, as Tory-minded Councils (such as that in Torbay) have no intention of helping anyone, they are reluctant to place ‘Prohibition Orders’ on houses still containing tenants, and it seems that in its haste to support Robert Fletcher – Torbay Council violated its own established procedure and ‘issued’ prior to my family being driven-out. 

10) Whilst still pretending to be opposing the tyranny of the landlord – Robert Fletcher – Torbay Council then (behind the scenes) advised him to take legal action against my family by issuing an ‘Eviction Order’. Normally, this would not have worked as the legal right is on the side of my family – but as my mother’s solicitor failed to turn-up in Court to ‘defend’ our position, the Judge allowed the Eviction to go ahead as it was ‘uncontended’. An appeal failed on the grounds of it being issued previously (as nothing had changed). Yesterday, our lawyers asked the Judge for one more day – but it was denied on the grounds that we had had enough time, and that my bedridden mother had not turned-up in Court. Although my family are the victims of the criminality of Robert Fletcher (the landlord), Torbay Social Services and Torbay Council, and given that they had never defaulted on their rent, the Judge yesterday treated my family as ‘criminals’ and ruled against them – thus ‘inverting’ and deliberately ‘misreading’ the entire legal process (even from a bourgeois perspective).

On Sunday the 27th of October, we had four of the family dogs placed in a nearby kennels at very short notice. Willem – the cat – has come to live with use in Sutton. One thing that must be understood is that there is no solidarity existing within British society. The Unions are powerless, and have been since they were crushed by Thatcher and infiltrated by selfish Trotskyism. Social media is useful for spreading knowledge, but unless physical action is taken in support of that data, nothing happens and it all remains ‘mythical’ in reality. My father has around 15,000 followers on social media, but other than one or two showing concern, there was no mass mobilisation in his support. I have around 4,500 supposed ‘friends’ on Facebook, but other than a handful of Comrades expressing concern, again there was no mass mobilisation. In the physical world we are on our own in a world of fabricated, capitalist inspired individualism. Every injustice inflicted upon our minds and bodies by the bourgeois British State is falsely depicted as ‘our own fault’., but even when right is on our side (as in the case of my family), the Bourgeois State takes the side of its own kind – the middle class ‘landlord’. When you look at the gurney the British State removed by bedridden mother upon (as if she was about to receive a ‘lethal injection’) – think about this. Even the local press knew of the Eviction from my father’s social media, not one reporter showed up to record the event. We peacefully (and legally) ‘resisted’ until my mother was gone – and then it was every man for himself as we ran for cover! The local Bailiffs had expected a mass turn-out of defiance and had gathered five men with sticks – but were surprised to find our small group – and a wall made of cardboard boxes (which was soon traversed). I was keeping my father (who was elsewhere) up to date – and when he knew my mother (his wife) had been taken away – he issued the order for us to retreat. Our retreat was bravely covered by Rachel and Paul, who were the last of our family to leave. We are back in South London today – with our eldest daughter now back at school. My family have been shattered by the British State and are precariously ‘spread-out’ in various safe houses around Torquay. The battle now continuous to try and repair this damage.  

Although the landlord – Robert Fletcher – had periodically visited the residnce (without permission) and smashed up this or that structure in the garden (front and back) – he is apparently not allowed back into the property. The Bailiffs called in a local locksmiths who changed all the locks. Many of my family’s posessions remain in the house because they have committed no crime. According to the strictures of the ‘Prohibition Order’, nothing can be touched as the Council must place it in a secure storage facility. I must say that Gee, Mei-An and Kai-Lin behaved excellently throughout thhis entire episode of Tory-LibDems inspired, State sponsored ‘terrorism’ (i.e. ‘Austerity’) aimed exclusively against people suffering from disabilities. Although we couldn’t ‘win’ in the conventional sense, we fought with the awareness that the British State has already murdered 130,000 vulnerable people in the UK and we say ‘enough is enough’! We join the UN by condemning the British State and support its 2016 finding that the Tories and LibDems have committed Crimes Against Humanity! Finally, a word to those individuals involved in carry-out the Eviction against my family, but who were in tears on the day – we thank you for your humanity and forgive your actions.

End Note: I received reliable intelligence that the Fletchers are ‘Spiritualists’ and that they have been directed in their actions against my family by a ‘disembodied’ spirit. Apparently, the Fletchers were advised by this ‘spirit’ that they must cut their links with my family (as renting tenants), as ‘disabilities’ are the product of ‘evil’ – the same ‘evil’ that has supposedly produces my father’s popularity. I mention this as sometimes behaviour in the physical world can be motivated by all kinds of bizarre, internal chatter.

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