Me, Gee & Sue-Ling Meet Paddington Bear (23.12.2007)

Gee (Left) & Sue-Ling (Right) – with Paddington Bear – Paddington Station (London)

Photographs taken on the evening of December 23rd, 2007, in the days when we still took the train to Torquay for our magical Xmas get togethers! I think Paul’s Mother stayed this year – Shirley – and we all had a laugh! Sue-Ling would spend the holidays with me and term time with her mother. Everyone still had their health (relatively speaking), with the hardships and challenges still to come not yet manifest. Times were never ‘easy’ for us – but when we look back, history certainly demonstrates that there were times that we should have embraced as blessings!

Our Beautiful Sue-Ling (Aged 10)
Sue-Ling (Second from Right) Aged Around 9-Years-Old! (2006) – Casa Dela Rosa, 2 Torbay Road, Livermead, Torquay, Devon

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