Lugansk Communists Congratulate German Kommunists on May Day! (1.5.2018 )

Communist Party of Lugansk – Russian Language

Коммунисты ЛНР поздравляют Германскую Компартию с Первомаем.

Dear Fellow German Communists!

We heartily congratulate you on this (2018) International Day of the Workers’ struggle for their rights! Unfortunately, in the countries of the former Socialist camp, they are trying to turn our tradition into the so-called day of ‘Spring’ where the EU has every ‘right’ usurped, labour is cheap and everyone drunk on a passing good mood. Trotskyite Unions bring budget workers under white flags of surrender! This is not how our May Day is supposed to be!

For the Communists, it remains a day of protest to a!d struggle! Communists of the LPR wish the Communists of Germany that our common struggle be successful!

With international greetings,

First Secretary of the Communist Party of the LPR

Igor Gumenyuk

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