The Recent KMT Violence in Hong Kong – a New ‘White Terror’! (2019)

Genuine Hong Kong People Support the CPC and REJECT the KMT-Style Violence Unleashed by the US, UK and EU!

China’s first ‘1911’ Revolution was led by Sun Yatsen (孙逸仙) through the ‘Tongmenhui’ (同盟会) – or ‘United Alliance Society’. This swept away thousands of years of Chinese imperialism, and ushered in a wave of pro-Western modernization, but even before the Russian Revolution of 1917, Lenin had a positive opinion of the Chinese Revolutionary movement as a whole. Due to internal problems, and the shifting of influence and perspective, the ‘Koumintang’ (國民黨) was founded in late 1919 (in China) and can be translated as ‘Nationalist People’s Party’. This movement ruled Mainland China until 1949, when it was overthrown by the military forces of the Communist Party of China, led by Mao Zedong (and others). From 1925 onwards, the ‘KMT’ as it is known, was led by the tyrant Chiang Kai-Shek (蔣介石) – a mass-murderer now eulogized as a great leader on the island of Taiwan, and viewed as a ‘hero’ in the West. Although Sun Yatsen had ideas of embracing Western-style liberal democracy, Chiang Kai-Shel ruled Mainland China with an iron-fist – and continued that brutality in Taiwan for decades (until his death in 1976). Whereas Sun Yatsen forged an alliance between Nationalism, Centrism and Communism, (an idea that transferred into the early days of the KMT), Chiang Kai-Shek – as an ally of the United States – perpetuated a ruthless anti-Communist policy that killed tens of thousands in 1927 (an ongoing policy that included filmed public executions to be shown in Western cinemas).  As Chiang Kai-Shek was pro-Christian, he ordered the Nationalist destruction of the ancient Shaolin Temple in 1928 (an atrocity the Taiwanese Nationalists used to try and blame on the Chinese Communists). As the Nationalists lost military and political power in China in the late 1940s, with the backing of the US, Chiang Kai-Shek used his US armed and trained military force to ‘invade’ the pro-Communist island of Taiwan – killing tens of thousands of indigenous Taiwanese people in the process, and using this ethnic cleansing as a means to clear land for millions of Nationalist supporters to relocate and settle on the island. To date, the West has remained ‘silent’ about these collective Nationalist-perpetuated atrocities, simply because the Chinese ‘Nationalists’ (which are no different from Nazi Germans in their fascist ideology), are ‘pro-capitalist’. Many Taiwanese Chinese children are sent to the US to be educated and indoctrinated with Western, imperialist and pro-capitalist attitudes. This is a mania for Western, Eurocentric and racist attitudes that are ‘ahistorical’, or have no historical relevance or cultural relevance for Chinese history or psychology – old or new. The habitual violence of the US – and the violence associated with Eurocentric imperialism and colonization – seeks to ‘normalize’ the destructiveness of the West in China – and for the Chinese people to stop interpreting this epoch as ‘exploitative’ and ‘criminal’. In other words, this mindless Eurocentric violence aimed at Chinese culture – as seen in Hong Kong recently – must be re-interpreted by the Chinese people, so as to be viewed as ’good’ for them (like a Victorian father scolding a wayward child), and part of their ‘maturing’ process as they are forcibly ‘Westernized’. Whereas the Taiwanese Nationalists deploy a ‘Mickey Mouse’ approach toward Chinese history and culture (generating a bizarre mimicry of their own cultural inheritance), it is the Communist Party of Chinese (CPC) which preserves and protects China’s historicity – in both its ‘old’ and ‘new’ manifestations. Whereas the Nationalists have oppressed the indigenous Taiwanese, and turned the island of Taiwan into a giant arena for US missionaries to ‘convert’ and ‘brainwash’ Taiwanese youth – it is the CPC which ensure that the destructiveness of Western imperialism (and its justifying capitalist ideology) is always understood correctly from one generation to the next. The point is that Chiang Kai-Shek represents the (capitalist) Christian West in China, and is symbolic of the totalitarian (fascistic) ideology that the KMT represents. The KMT – from the leadership of Chiang Kai-Shek onwards – has always carried-out atrocities against the Chinese people which started as ‘anti-Communist’, but soon diverted into killing any Chinese person who resisted KMT rule in any way. Taiwan under KMT totalitarian rule was ‘forced’ by its US paymasters to suddenly adopt US-style democratic system from 1980 onwards – as the US knew that despite its own false propaganda – democratic elections were held all the time on the Mainland of China, a reality that was being observed by an ever increasing volume of Western tourism to China. The violence in Hong Kong recently is being presented by the Western righting press as Chinese people expressing their discontent with the Communist Government, but the behaviour of these people is not typically ‘Chinse’ in any way! More to the point, this type of behaviour has rarely (if ever) been observed in Hong Kong other than in 1956, when KMT insurgents (armed and funded by the US) started a riot by attacking a local school and a trade union office in Kowloon. I suspect that in the chain of evidence concerning the recent violence in Hong Kong, the name of ‘Taiwan’ will loom large, with the KMT being behind all the violence. The US (and UK) has been hosting groups of Westernized Chinese youths and encouraging them to take violent action in Hong Kong if they want to make China like the West. This is the hook. These people are young and immature, but they are highly active and vocal at this stage in their lives. When they mature many will realize how they were misled by Westerners and will apologize for their destructive behaviour (if they can live with the shame). These young people do not understand that in just a few decades, Communist China has thrown-out the imperialist West, rejected capitalism and Christianity, and has initiated a widespread and thorough modernization programme premised upon Socialist market forces. China’s science and technology is eclipsing the that of the West, and China as a nation has generated tremendous wealth and cultural strength amongst its people.  


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