The True History of the Hong Kong ‘Independence’ Movement

The specific practice of the “City-State Autonomy” movement in Hong Kong is based on ethnic struggles, but whilst its suppprters in Hong Kong reject the interests of the “colonialists” on the ground, they paraoxically support the West’s anti-China racism. Hong Kong supporters of the independence movement must pursue a politically rightwing agenda and purge Hong Kong society of all its leftwing tendencies and support for the Mainland. Violence and agression will be allowable in this instance as the West supports all anti-Communist movements in the world without criticism. 

How Nazism Shaped the Western Notion of Tibet

After this whole-sale destruction of Austrian culture and the instigation of fascist murder and mayhem in his country, what did Heinrich Harrier decide to do? Did he keep quiet and see how things developed? Did he join a network of Austrian resistance to the Nazi invasion? Did he work toward protecting those Austrians who were the victims of German fascism? No – Heinrich Harrier did none of these things.