The Divine Race of Zionism…

It is a Jewish religious belief that the ‘Jews’ are a ‘chosen’ people, or a ‘divine’ race living on Earth. Today, and for about 2,500 years, this group of people have worshipped a monotheistic god (Yahweh), although history demonstrates that the Jews were once polytheistc (perhaps with a single ‘different’ god for each of the 12 tribes). A clique of Rabbies advocating monotheism over polytheism, and the worship of ‘Yahweh’ over any other god (including the later Allah), eventually projected their religious will upon the 12 tribes of ancient Israel, and had the worship of all the other Jewish gods eventually eradicated. What did not change was the belief that Jewish people had a ‘special’ relationship or spiritual ‘contract’ with god – which ensured that the Jews – as both a race and an ethnicity – are ‘spiritually’ and ‘physically’ superior to any other cultural or ethnic group (even other Semites – ‘i.e. Arabs’). Christians – who were also ‘Jews’ in their early origination – broke with the tradition of Jewish exclusivity (as anyone can convert to Christianity as a matter of will with no need for ‘circumcision’), but retained the idea that Christians constitute a ‘divine’ group of people due to their ‘special’ contract with an unseen god. Since the medieval times in the Christian West, this Christian ‘specialness’ has took on a ‘racial’ connotation, especially as Christian armies of ‘Western’ knights confronted Islamic Armies in the Holy Lands during the Crusades. As Western civilisation developed secular science and industrialisation, this material advantage in travel, commerce and warfare was used to reinforce this notion of European spiritual and physical superiority. Christianity (and by association – Judaism) is projected onto the world as the greatest of all religions, and the only one that possesses true divine insight and conection with god. Modern Zionism – developed in the late 1880s in Germany – involved secular, affluent, middle class Jews (with little or no interest in Jewish religious or ethnic practises), aligned themselves with non-Jewish ethnic Germans (many of whom were either atheist or Christian), and who held racist and rightwing nationalist beliefs. White Germans are now viewed as racially superior for no other reason than they are ‘White’, whereas in the past, ‘White’ Germans were superior because they were ‘Christians’. Zionism appeals to White racists because many view themselves as being racially and spiritually superor to any other ethic group, ideology, or religious teaching. Other than being developed and practised by those ‘born’ into historically Jewish families – Zionism has no theological connection with Judaism (one of the reasons many ethnic Jewish groups in the world refuse to accept or endorse the Zionist ideology that underpins the behaviour of the State of Israel). A divine race of beings is believed to have a ‘special’ spiritual connection with a divine entity – with this applying to ALL Jews around the world (be they White, Black, Brown or Yellow), whereas ‘Zionism’ (declared as a form of ‘White Supremacy’ by the UN in 1975), applies only to ‘White’ (European) people – be they ‘Jews’ or not, and has only disdain for those of other races…

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