Wyles Family of Duddington Genealogical Research (Northants)

Medieval Bridge Over the River Welland – Duddington (1380)

For our latest research into the history and lives of the Wyles Family of Duddington, remember to regularly check our main website at:

Wyles Family of Duddington

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Although most people from Duddington spell this surname as ‘Wyles’, there are earlier examples of this surname using the ‘Wiles’ spelling. Roger Wyles lived in Oundle as early as 1301, with the earliest Wyles people in Duddington dating from around 1523 (according to our most recent findings). Although centred on Duddington, we study the related Wyles families in Kings Cliff and those clusters all over Northants, the UK and the world! We accept anyone who wants to be a member regardless of surname or location, and we are happy to correspond and share our findings!

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