Debunking US Anti-Soviet Population Statistics! (2019)

Highgate – London

It is believed that during WWI (1914-1917) and the subsequent Russian Civil War (1917-1922) around 10 million Russians perished, with the Russian Civil War being the product of the UK, USA, Imperial Germany (and many other countries) invading the sovereign State of Revolutionary Russia. The All-Union Census of the USSR in 1926 recorded the population of the USSR as being around 147 million people. During the ‘Great Patriotic War’ (1941-1945) it is common to see estimates of Soviet loses being given as between 27-40 million – but I have read a modern study which sets this figure at around 34.5 million. As of July, 1991, the population of the Soviet Union stood at 291 million. Between 1926 and 1991, the net increase of the population of the Soviet Union stood at an increase of 144 million (despite the attempted genocide of the Slavs perpetuated by Nazi Germany between 1941-1945). US Cold War disinformation attempts to ‘insert’ mythological famines, imagined mass executions, and fabricated enforced relocations, etc. Even the bias and inaccurate Wikipedia (which is controlled by the US Government), despite perpetuating these lies, admits that there is no source materials or reference evidence to prove these allegations – and yet this distorted and warped interpretation of Soviet history is still passed around (even in modem Russia) as ‘orthodox’ history and a warning against the evils of Socialism! This idiocy, when added-up, often has more people dying in the USSR than whoever lived there! This US anti-intellectualism (particularly with the election of Trump) led to the tomb of Karl Marx being attacked twice in 2019.  This is the essence of bourgeoise stupidity!

Russian Language References:Население_СССР 

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