Hong Kong Phoey (Quicker Than the Human Eye)!

The Hong Kong Protests are Designed for Western Audiences – Hence the Signs in English

In late 1974, the ABC Channel in the US broadcast a series of children’s cartoons that reduced Chinese people to a satirical dog, and Chinese culture to a Western misconception of Chinese martial arts. The casual racism that inspires this cartoon is so ingrained in the American psyche that even today it is viewed as a mere ‘harmless’ entertainment. Of course, Hong Kong was a British colony at the time, and ruthlessly controlled by the British Authorities who treated the ethnic Chinese under their control with a harsh indifference. Great Britain provided no medical care or welfare for its supposed ‘British’ subjects in Hong Kong, as the British Labour Party extended the NHS and Welfare State to the ‘White’ colony of Northern Ireland in 1948, but not to the ‘non-White’ colony of Hong Kong. The New Territories remained impoverished for decades, with Chinese people having to travel to Hong Kong island to ‘sell’ their labour to the occupying British – which often included the most exploitative of activities. Although the British used the bodies of Chinese people (including men and women) for sex, the official propaganda was that the Chinese race was ‘inferior’ and the off-spring of any such union would not be welcome in the UK! British people (particularly working-class young soldiers) were warned that Chinese people, like animals, carried all kinds of diseases and that to protect the UK on their return, they should have as little direct contact as possible whilst in Hong Kong. The British ran the colony of Hong Kong very much on the model of a ‘prison camp’ with a governor deciding every facet of daily life, with no democracy whatsoever. White British police patrolled the streets carrying guns – a very unusual sight for people born in the UK. During the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong (1941-1945), the local Chinese population was raped and brutalized by the Japanese forces, very much along the lines of the many massacres that occurred on the Mainland from 1931-1945. Following the restoration of the British colony in late 1945, life under European colonial control was re-established, with US soldiers using Hong Kong as a playground between their tours killing other Asians during the Vietnam War (1960-1975). Chinese girls and women in Hong Kong were routinely raped and humiliated by these out of control Westerners unleashed upon the ethnic Chinese by the British Authorities! The US soldiers raped daughters and mothers whilst their husbands and fathers were forced to watch at gun-point. This was a continuation of the sexual violence the US Army directed toward all Vietnamese women. Today, a special cadre of Westernized Chinese people (a relatively small minority), have been financed and trained by the CIA and other US entities (both government and business), to historically align themselves with the ignorance and brutality of British, American and Japanese imperialism. As the US continuously accuses China of practicing the kind of violence seen perpetuated by Americans around the world, The Chinese State has not ordered the security services to deal with these ‘terrorists’ as they should be dealt with. If a similar protest (attacking the Sovereign State) happened in the US, UK or France, many o these out of control protestors would have been shot dead and virtually no one would have protested! The Chinese State, I would add, has behaved impeccably in this matter against tremendous provocation from the US! In the meantime, the BBC and Fox News continue to broadcast obvious lies and racist propaganda designed to topple the administration of the Communist Party of China (CPC). This approach will not work as it lacks any basic understanding of the reality of Chinese culture, Chinse history and the collective will of the Chinese people. The Chinese people will prevail! Long Live Communist China! 

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