UK: Boycott the EU Elections 23.5.2019!


The UK has democratically ‘voted’ (one person, one vote, in or out) to leave the rightwing, non-democratic, anti-Socialist and US-supporting European Union! The EU has its roots in the greedy delusions of US rightwing (Christian) President Truman, and the insane ramblings of an ageing and ever more incoherent Winston Churchill in the late 1940s. Its task was to destroy the natural ‘Socialist’ tendencies of all the Western European countries, and in so doing generate a military alliance (I.e. ‘NATO’) aimed at attacking the Communist countries of Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. Since the collapse of the USSR in 1991, the EU has become ever more militarily and politically aggressive, supporting any and all US and UK neo-imperialist activity, including the installing of the neo-Nazi ‘Euro-Maidan’ regime within Western Ukraine, and the encouraging of neo-Nazism in Poland and throughout Eastern Europe as a means to generate an ‘anti-Russian’ coalition. Meanwhile, whilst the US, UK and EU continues the cultural destruction of Eastern Europe, EU membership regulations ‘demand’ that ALL Socialistic institutions – such as social housing, free education, free healthcare, elderly care, disabled care and nationalized industry, etc – are dismantled, dissolved, abolished and/or turned-over into private hands to be controlled by shareholders for profit. This is why the ‘New’ Labour Government, the Tory-LibDems Coalition and the current Tory Administration have relentlessly pursued this path of destructive reform, acting in accordance with EU dictates. To save the NHS and the Welfare State in the UK, and to repair the damage already carried-out, the UK must ‘leave’ the EU! The next step is to elect a ‘Socialist’ Labour Government and initiate a radical redistribution of wealth, resources and facilities. BOYCOTT the upcoming EU Elections – the UK is nolonger a member of this corrupt and self-serving neo-imperialist entity! 


#lexit #brexit #eu #votelabour #saveournhs 

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