You Know There’s Something Wrong in the UK – When the Green Party is Referred to as ‘Leftwing’!

Only the Communist Party can Save the UK!

What a strange world the mainstream media concocts out of poor education, lack of facts, disinformation and rightwing bias! This spreads the poison of ignorance throughout the UK and into all groups and social types. As we were preparing to leave London for our trip to Torquay (9.4.2019 around 9am), Flex FM (a former pirate radio station operating out of South London – but which now disguises its conformity to the commercial system), interviewed a British ‘Black’ man who was once a boxer and now makes his living out of astrology! This man was an idiot presented as a progressive by a ‘Black’ radio station. He stated (without a flicker of concern) that he learned all about astrology whilst in ‘Israel’ of all places! He eulogized Israel as a country and made no mention of its ‘White’ population systematically raping, maiming and ethnically cleansing the non-White Palestinian population! He then uttered his most stupid of comments and stated that Theresa May was a good person but she was having trouble running around trying to ‘please’ too many people! Again, for a man presented by Flex FM as a progressive (and successful) ‘Black’ figure, his appalling lack of knowledge about current affairs, historical racism and UN acknowledged massacres in the UK is astonishing! 

This morning (after walking the dog), I switched on the radio and heard a news bulletin from Heart FM. On this piece of brainless propaganda I heard the presenter (a young, White female), present Nigel Farage (the former leader of the the racist UKIP), as some kind of superhero figure who is running circles around a Theresa May who is being unjustly made to look inept by a Parliament influenced by Jeremy Corbyn’s mishandling of the Labour Party! It gets worse. This presenter said that the UK will be taking part in the next EU Elections within which Farage will stand with a new rightwing ‘Brexit Party’ finishing his hijacking of the ‘Britain out of the EU’ agenda’! She then went on to refer to the Green Party (a bourgeois centre-right group) as as being the only ‘leftwing’ opposition to Farage on the grounds that they want to ‘stay’ in the EU! This is the same Green Party that invited UKIP to an anti-Austerity march in Torquay, and members of which racially abused my partner! This is the same Green Party in the UK whose Australian leader offered Nigel Farage’s UKIP a ‘Coalition’ deal should either party gain any type of power!   

I would say that these snippets of the ignorance of the British general public, and the media that keeps them that way, represent the average view across the UK. The EU is viewed as some type of capitalist-supporting, non-racist Socialistic utopia, Theresa May is presented as a slightly dipsy but lovable female trying to do a very hard job, and Jeremy Corbyn is presented as a dark and lurking figure somewhere in the background! (This anti-Corbyn propaganda is effective as it allows the individual to project any negative stereotype, they which upon him and spread anti-Labour fear and suspicion). The real Socialist and Communist Left has been obscured to the point of non-existence, where many assume it ceased to exist in 1991 with the collapse of the USSR (by a Western media which demonizes as it misinforms). With bourgeois idiots like Bernie Saunders running around the US pretending to be leftwing whilst supporting every rightwing agenda – this deception is not hard to perpetuate or maintain. Communist China and the DPRK are viewed as aberrations just weighting on the precipice of destruction for the US to ‘bomb’ into freedom!   

Let’s face it, Theresa May is in power by default and is supported by a corrupt media and establishment that has lurched ever further to the right since 1979. The British people can handle corruption providing it is ‘fair’, but now things are beyond a joke. The UK is now being run by the Christian-terrorist DUP who have secured endless concessions against NHS and Welfare privatization (in Northern Ireland) and a bottomless pit of funding providing it mindlessly agrees with May on every rightwing issue. May, of course, is a vicious rightwing woman who is putting into practice every anti-working class cut possible before she is ousted from power! Killing the disabled and the vulnerable through the cuts is a price worth paying according to the Tory ideologues who appear determined to ‘stay’ in the EU and turn the UK into an impoverished 51st State of America! Can Labour win an election in such a toxic environment? One thing is for certain, only the Communist Party has put forward a lucid critique of the EU, and exposed its anti-working-class strategy and US neo-imperialist foundations in a post-WWII Europe. Indeed, it is the dialectical potency of the ideas formulated by a collective debate within the Communist Party that are deliberately being ‘hidden’ by the mainstream media. There is absolutely nothing ‘leftwing’ about the Green Party which has much the same rightwing agenda of the LibDems – pro-EU and anti-Socialist! The Libdems, lest we forget, assisted the Tories to kill upwards of 120,000 vulnerable people in the UK between 2010-2016 – a project of annihilation that continues under the May-DUP Junta! 

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