Gee & Adrian – 10th Wedding Anniversary (9.4.2019)

We Have Made It To Our 10th Wedding Anniversary!

Our 10th Wedding Anniversary (tin) has fallen on a day we are getting reading to drive to Torquay to visit my elderly parents and other relatives. Getting up at 5am to finish packing, walking the dog and letting the cat out before both are subjected to the 4 hour drive from Sutton! Inbetween packing, washingup and getting the children reading, we have found time to give one another cards and small gifts – tokens of our love for one another! Following a shave and a haircut (by myself) then we took more photographs! With the help of my mother – Diane Wyles – I manage to acquire a silver pendant for Gee with our names on, and a disc with our names and the lyrics from a Robbie Williams song (She’s the One), and Gee managed to find me a tin from the Soviet Union (CCCP) featuring the Socialist conquering of space!  Also included is a silk banner of Lenin (replete with Soviet badges) which was a gift from my Mum a few months ago!

The Wheel of Life!
The Workers Will Prevail!
Cards and Gifts Gathered Together!
Exchanging Cards!
Happy Times!
Happy Days!
First Cards!

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