Guangdong: Public Interest Party Provides English Lessons – Learning About Xmas (2017)


Translation by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD

Original Chinese Language Article: 致公党珠海市委会金湾支部举办社区英语角活动

The ‘Public Interest Party’ (致公党 – Zhi Gong Dang) is one of the eight legally recognised political parties within Mainland China. Although pursuing its own agenda (of supporting public education and awareness), it supports the Communist Party of China and firmly rejects capitalism and any form of bourgeois reaction. Within this ‘Socialist’ perspective this Party is self-determinant and pursues its own policies which assist the building of Socialism within China.


On December 1st, 2017 = Yang Yide (金湾支)  the Chairperson of the Zhuhai Municipal Committe Jinwan Branch of the ‘Public Interest Party’ – led four volunteers in holding a ‘Christmas-themed’ English Language Course at the Hongqi Community Service Centre.

Professor Yang Yide (and teachers) carefully prepared a Christmas-themed Course that correctly and respectfully presented to Chinese children this Western religious tradition. The teachers wore Christmas hats and antlers to replicate a friendly and festive atmosphere, so that the children could easily participate in the event and quickly fall in love with the English language. After the class, the volunteers also distributed small gifts such as candy to the children. China is a ‘Communist’ country – and because of this we love and respect humanity!

Original Chinese Language Text:


2017-12-05 来源:

12月1日,金湾支部主委杨义德带领四名自愿者在红旗社区服务中心举办“圣诞节” 主题英语角活动。


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