How Many Baycare (Torquay) Employees Does it Take To Change a Light bulb?

The answer is, of course, ‘two’, although in this case the bulb was not so much ‘changed’ as the light fitting and lampshade ‘destroyed’ as the hapless Ann-Marrie and Lauren attempted to ‘remove’ an offending insect! This was in October, 2018 and neither of the two non-DBS checked ‘healthcare assistants’ possessed the brain power to reassemble the contraption!

This is what I found today, as I visited my parent’s home in Torquay for the first-time in three months! Bare electrical wires still attached to a functioning lightbulb and the lampshade discarded on the floor! We located Paul – my brother in law – and together repaired the damage!

Baycare is an unqualified firm that has benefitted from the ‘privatisation’ of the NHS by the Tories and offers substandard treatment to the elderly and disabled in the Torbay area of South Devon. When the illegal activities of Baycare are reported or made public, the management and staff initiate an Internet-based ‘attack’ upon their former ‘clients’. The best way to deal with these criminals is to use official channels and consult a Solicter. In the meantime, I would recommend steering-clear of this substandard outfit if you care about your family and value your hard earned money!

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