Why Worldwide Muslims Should Support Islam in China

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Beijing China Islamic Economics College

Whereas ‘Islamo-fascism’ was developed by the United States to prevent the spread of Socialism throughout the impoverished tribal regions of the Hindu Kush (in Afghanistan), Communist China – following in the footsteps of the Soviet Union – enacted a comprehensive Socialist Constitution in 1956 fully ensuring the right of every individual to hold religious views and pursue a religious practice is so required, which was given an equal status to anyone wishing to hold an ‘atheistic’ attitude and not practice any given religious tradition. China, like the United States, separates Church from State. Also, like America, the Chinese political system does not campaign in the name of any given religious tradition. The Socialist System ensures and protects the rights of any given individual and his or her chosen religious path, but dedicates every aspect of the State toward a scientific trajectory of development (in every area of human evolution). This means that religious movements cannot and should not strive to attain political power. In the West, for instance, the Roman Catholic Church (in Rome) and the Protestant Church (in England) fully support the capitalist system and have altered their theology so that the Utopian Socialism of Jesus Christ is ignored and replaced with a theologically justified (and quite ruthless) pursuance of predatory capitalism, that sees the Vatican Bank fully enmeshed in the capitalist International Banking System, and the Protestant Church investing its vast income (derived from the British State) in arms development and arms trading round the world. These Churches have both supported the Western imperialist project throughout history, and support the neo-imperialism of the US, UK and EU today.

Although these Churches might have a limited presence within China, they do not possess the legal means to convert (and exploit) the masses or usurp the Socialist System. This relative powerlessness to spread Western imperialism in China has often led to all kinds of ecclesiastical frustrations manifesting in fake news about imagined pogroms of persecution. The reality is that the Western Churches link a bourgeois (racist) nationalism to worship and see conversion as a means to strip Chinese people of their ‘Chinese’ ethnicity and loyalty to their own country and political system. As this is the epitome of neo-imperialism, this type of fascistic activity is not allowed (or welcomed) within Communist China, and quite rightly so. This was the mentality inflicted on China throughout the 18th and 19th centuries by the West, and which saw the Chinese nation weakened from within, attacked from the outside, and brought to its knees through confusion and competing camps, etc. The Communist Party of China secured victory on the battlefield, won-over the masses and expelled Western imperialism from within China’s geographical boundaries. This process of the establishment of Socialism has seen China ‘self-strengthen’ despite a continuous Western attempt to bring it down through fabricated religious-based movements (invented in smoke-filled rooms in the US and funded by the CIA) including Eastern Lightning, the Falun Gong Cult and the Pro-Tibetan Movement.

Just as a minority of Christian exist in China today (Christianity has never been that popular due to its ‘foreign’ and ‘incompatible’ dogmas), there are at least two major groups of Chinese people that practice Islam such as the (Turkic) Uighar living in Xinjiang province (Northwest China), and the (Arab) Hui minority living in different areas. The third major group of Mongolians living in China can be added to this list (amongst others). Islam in China is administered by the Chinese Islamic Association (established in Beijing in 1953) which is composed of representatives of ten nationalities. Although the Uighar were not always Muslim, Islam has had a presence in China for over a thousand years. (Archaeological evidence suggests that there was once a presence in China of ‘Nestorian’ Christianity not related to the later ‘imperialist’ Christianity from the West). Chinese historical records state Arab merchants lived in China as early as the 7th century, which suggests that following its development (in the early 7th century), Islam soon spread to China through trade routes but remain isolated among the foreign men who had brought it. (Chinese languages sources state that ‘In 651CE – less than 20 years after Muhammad’s death – the third caliph of the Arab Empire, Osman, sent Muhammad’s uncle, Sa`d ibn Abī Waqqās, as an envoy to China, who was received by Tang Emperor Gaozong and allowed to establish a mosque in Guangzhou). However, as these Arab merchants often settled in China – marrying Chinese women (and even adopting Chinese surnames) – the initial development of Islam spreading into the Chinese population (on a small-scale) was established. It was only during the Mongolian Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368) that Islam was spread through ‘conversion’ and ‘resettlement’. It was the Yuan Authorities which brought many thousands of ‘Turkic’ Muslims into China, resettling this new population in the remote and sparsely populated Northeast areas. During the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644) Islamic communities of a distinct ‘Chinese’ ethnic orientation was recognised and received official encouragement. Although a minority of people over-all, Islam was respected in China by the Confucian officials who understood (and appreciated) that Muslims were learned and respected knowledge, whilst behaving in a disciplined and virtuous manner. At this time, the Ming Emperor Hongwu decreed that Muslims had to assimilate into Chinese culture and marry only Chinese people (rather than bring partners in from abroad).

Islam in China is mainly Sunni. More specifically, there are female Imams in China. Every year, many Chinese Muslims travel to the holy city of Mecca. In 2007, about 10,700 Chinese Muslims went to Hajj in Mecca. The Chinese Islamic Association advocates the Islamic support for the building of Socialism within China and seeks to harmonise genuine Islamic theology with an anti-capitalist ethos. As Islam is very ‘communistic’ in nature, this policy secures the presence of Islam in China, and projects Islamic theology (culture and practice) amongst adherents of Islam. This means that the various bourgeois ‘nationalisms’ originating outside of China – that are premised upon racist and other reactionary premises – are thoroughly rejected as they represent ‘foreign’ attempts of attack upon contemporary China and its Socialist System. Conversely, it is illegal to oppress or harm in anyway a Muslim person living in China, which includes demeaning or interfering with Islamic dress, culture or religious practice. The Trump Administration, whilst working to demonise Muslims around the world (by accusing Muslims of being ‘terrorised’), is also generating false propaganda news articles and films using actors and scripts. This latest disinformation is suggesting that the Uighar of Xinjiang are being systematically being attacked by the Chinese State, forced into atheism and placed into Concentration Camps. This is usual ‘ahistorical’ position of perhaps the most stupid regime the world has ever known! The Uighar people have a very good and peaceful life and fully support the Socialist Society that has given them so much help and support over the years. Uighar people – whether Muslim or not – are loyal citizens of Communist China and Muslims around the world are encouraged to understand this and come to their aid through the practises of truth and charity!

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