Remembering the Suffering of Modern Russia (1991-1999)

The ‘Last’ Red Army Units Taken Prisoner (3.10.1993)

Someone was talking to me about a US exchange student found dead in Russia in 1995. I informed them that between 1991-1999 5.9 Russian men, women and children died of starvation and medical neglect due to the US-inspired collapse of the Soviet Union and its comprehensive welfare system. This led to widespread (capitalist) crime unheard of during Soviet times, as people were reduced to fighting one another for scraps of food. Women and girls were raped en masse, and the US pornography industry relocated to Moscow where desparate women would do anything for money (as their equality died with the USSR). Neither the UN nor Amnesty International would acknowledge the Russian suffering of that time.

Victims of the Massacre – October, 1993

In 1993, hundreds of thousands of Russian people protested outside the Russian Parliament (in October) to protest about the Western-induced suffering whilst supporting the Soviet System. With the backing of the West (and rumoured to have invoved ‘foreign’ troops) Boris Yeltsin ordered the Russian Army to open fire on the peaceful crowds – massacring about 10,000. He allso ordered the mass rounding-up of Russian military units that had refused to give-up their Red Flags or Soviet insignia. Other than the sudden impoverishment and disempowerment of hundreds of millions of people in 1991 by Mikhail Gorbachev, the murder of 10,000 Russians by Boris Yeltsin must be acknowledged as the ‘first’ capitalist crime of a modern Russia.

Soviet Barricades – Moscow, 1993

I suspect that this is one of the biggest Crimes Against Humanity ever committed and not officially recorded. To top the insanity of the 1990’s, the US insisted on sending ‘privileged’ US exchange students to live and study in Russia (at Russia’s expense). These people had good lodgings, an allowance and ample food whilst ordinary Russians starved to death! The nature of capitalism is corrupting and crime-ridden – end of story. Ironically, the draft-dodger – President Bill Clinton (who had spent time in the Soviet Union in the late 1960’s) – oversaw the collapse of the Soviet Union and signed into law in 1993, a law supporting a monument in a Washington park dedicated to the ‘Victims of Communism’ – a hideous structure featuring Nazi German Concentration Camp victims – wrongly attributed to the Soviet Union. A prime example of US anti-intellectualism.

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