Communism as Bodhisattva Activity


READ ARTICLE HERE: Communism as Bodhisattva Activity

Although in the West Buddhism has been hijacked and distorted by a capitalist, bourgeois agenda, in large parts of Asia Buddhism is viewed as a supporter and instigator of Socialist reform and Communist Revolution. However, Western influence has infiltrated certain lineages of Theravada Buddhism (within capitalist countries) and initiated ‘anti-Islamic’ campaigns. This has created a US funded Buddho-fascism that guides people (through the use of terror) toward rightwing modes of existence. This is not Buddhism, but it has done much damage to humanity. I reject all forms of fascism and fully support Buddhist-Communists wherever they may live!

Give Peace a Chance! (John Lennon)

Message from the Buddhist-Marxism Alliance (UK):

‘Dear Members and Supporters

The BMA (UK) will continue to offer professional-level scholarly articles (free of charge) to the general public involving the exploration of how Buddhists might practice Communism. However, in this endeavour it has been decided that the rather meagre funds of the BMA (UK) will nolonger be used to ‘boost’ Facebook posts due to the highly exploitative nature of Facebook and its support for capitalism and Zionist racism. Readers are encouraged to ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ our posts far and wide to bypass Facebook greed and exploitation. Indeed, this might well be a prime example of a Bodhisattva activity!

Sam King

BMA (UK) and Oxford Collective’


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