A Message to the Working Class of Israel…


Sutton Communists – ML (Southwest London), rejects all forms of racism (including anti-Semitism), and all forms of fascism (including Zionism), and calls upon the working class of Israel to rise-up and overthrow its current elected (capitalist) dictatorship that was responsible for Zionist terrorism in Palestine prior to 1947, and which has continued that terrorism under the guise of the modern Israeli State after 1947. The White Zionists that oppress the Israeli working class are Eurocentric racists first, and extremist Jews second. This means that the Junta that controls Israel cannot legitimately considered representative of the true Judaic tradition and must be ousted from power by all right-minded Israelis and non-Zionist Jews around the world. Such a Socialist victory in the area will lead to an everlasting peace and ensure justice for the long-suffering Palestinian people. When Israel is transformed in this manner, then US neo-imperialist influence will also be blocked and unable to operate in the Middle East. The people of Saudi Arabia can then overthrow their elected tyrants (backed by the US) and initiate a new of peace. The Arabian people can then hold People’s Courts to try all those who collaborated with US and EU neo-colonial policy in the region, ad ensure their appropriate punishment. This is the path of all true Communists! There will not be a single step backwards!

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