When Blue Lives Did Not Matter in the US


With the routine murdering of Black, Asian Hispanic and poor Whites by the various US Police Forces around America, we thought we would examine the case of David ‘Carbine’ Williams (1900-1975), particularly in the light of convicted criminals who have killed police officers. During the era of ‘Prohibition’ in the US (when all alcohol was banned in throughout America), David ‘Carbine’ Williams was a bootlegger who manufactured illegal alcohol. On July 22nd, 1921, he gunned down and killed Deputy Alfred Jackson Pate who was near to discovering his operation. For this crime Williams received a 30 year prison sentence, but only after trying to claim insanity, and trying to imply that a Black employee of his – Ham Dawson – had fired the lethal shots (before handing Williams the gun). A separate all-White jury did not believe this story and acquitted Ham Dawson. In the meantime, whilst in prison, Williams was granted access to the machine-tool shop where he became well-known for repairing the fire-arms of the guards. In secret he worked on a revolutionary new design for a gas activated self-loading rifle which he eventually showed to the governor. This became the now famous M-1 Carbine and was named after Williams. The State Authorities of North Carolina petitioned for his pardon – and even persuaded the widow of murdered Deputy Alfred Jackson Pate to ‘agree’ to a sentence reduction and early release on the grounds that his invention (which was illegally made whilst in prison) was important for the defence of the country. Williams was released and became a very rich man as a consequence of his design skills. This must be a clear example of ‘Blue Lives’ not mattering as much as the manufacture of fire-arms! How different ‘Carbine’ Williams was treated to the average non-White suspect, or the average criminals who have murdered police officers. The irony does not stop here, as Williams life story was even turned into a film starring James Stewart!

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