Combatting the Fascism of Apartheid Israel

Rachel Corrie – Murdered by Israelis 16.3.2003

Just as long as the majority of political leaders of the international community will not take action against the State of Israel and its policy of committing genocide against the people of Palestine, then it falls to us – the ordinary people of the world – to take a stand. As we combat Zionist fascism, we are supported around the world by millions of Jewish people – both secular and religious – as we strive to save the lives of innocent men, women and children whose country was taken away from them in 1947, and who have been the victims of Zionist military expansion ever since. As Zionism was declared by the UN to be a form of White Supremacy in 1975, we must not allow this manifestation of fascism to become normalised by its ideologues who perversely try to justify its intolerance by referring to the Jewish Holocaust of WWII. In that Holocaust Nazi German fascism killed 6 million Jews and 5 million non-Jews – a situation that we must never let this happen again. In China, Japanese fascism killed around 60 million people (from 1931-1945), and in the Soviet Union, Nazi German fascism killed around 27-40 million people. Today, Israeli Zionist fascism is steadily killing Palestinian men, women and children, as heavily armed Israeli soldiers operate a policy of ‘shoot to kill’. The death toll also includes many foreigners known to be sympathetic to the Palestinian cause (such as Rachel Corrie pictured above). The point of this Zionist expansionism is take ALL the land from the Palestinians, and eradicate the Palestinian people from the area.

As many Jews around the world disagree with Zionist Israel’s fascist policies, it is clear that this despicable regime’s use of the mantra ‘anti-Semitism’ as a counter to all news articles or opinions that expose its murderous activities, is doing a great dis-service to the Jewish cause and obscuring the very real anti-Jewish racism that exists in the world. Israel’s current policy toward the (non-White) Palestinian people has its roots deep in the racist ideology of Zionism. So strong is this racism that it has not changed since 1947. Zionism is the importation into the Jewish community of the destructive thinking of White Supremacy – the very same racism that in Germany led to Nazism and the Holocaust. Of course, this explains why Israel is controlled by ‘White’ Jews of European heritage, and why Jews of Asian and Black heritage are treated as second class citizens. This demonstrates that non-White Jews living in Israel are also the victims of Israeli Zionism. When non-White Jews protest about the Zionist racism they experience everyday in Israel, the Israeli ideologues refer to them as ‘self hating’ Jews.

We anti-fascists who comprise the international community, must join with right-minded Jews to fight Zionist fascism at every turn and strive to a) save Palestinian lives, and b) work to raise consciousness levels amongst the Israeli people (such as those who read this blog). In the UK posses grandparents and great grandparents who fought and died to free Europe from the yoke of Nazi German fascism, and together with the Soviet Union, put an end to the Jewish Holocaust. As we continue this mission in the world today, it is ironic that the Israeli Zionist (racists) would now refer to us as ‘anti-Semitic’ despite all our sacrifices for their cause.

Alfred Wyles – Ox & Bucks Light Infantry (WWII)


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