How the NHS was Infiltrated by the Middle Class!


The British National Health Service (NHS) was initiated in 1948 by the incumbant Labour Government as part of an extensive ‘Socialist’ reshaping of British culture following WWII. Although not a Socialist Revolution in essence or intention, this compromise with capitalism was designed to alleviate the greater burden of inequality that existed throughout the working class. The capitalist system and its class differentiations ensure that a minority middle and upper classes retain control of the means of production, the political system, the legal system, the police and the armed forces. The majority working class – which provides all the ‘labour’ that fuels society – suffers from poor wages, poor living conditions, poor education and shortened life expectancy. Through a radical re-distribution of wealth, welfare and medical resources were made available to the working class paid for through taxation, and provided ‘free’ at the point of use. The NHS worked on the principle that there were grave inequalities within capitalist society, and that when working class people presented themselves at their GP, it did not matter who they were or what their station in life was – they were entitled to top-notch and ‘free’ medical treatment delivered by healthcare professionals. The GP was not interested in the patient’s social background, but only in alleviating pain and suffering. Today, as the Tories continue to privatise the NHS, this situation has completely changed. Gone is the Socialist idea that inequalities within society cause psychological and physiological illnesses within the working class irrespective of lifestyle, and in its place is the bourgeois notion that illness is the consequence of personal lifestyle choices. This change marks the infiltration of the once Socialist NHS with a thoroughly middle class attitude formulated through centuries of privilege and arrogance. It ignores entirely that capitalist society is unequal and unfair, and that these destructive political, social and cultural forces conspire to adversely affect the psychological and physical health of the working class. If you are ill because of the manner in which society treats you, today’s GPs mark this as a personal failing on your part, caused by the bad decisions you make. Of course, middle class people who access the NHS already adhere to this hyper individualistic view of the world, and can afford to live stress-free lives whilst sipping their designer coffees down the local gym. For such people, their wealth and social status does indeed allow them to purchase a good and comfortable lifestyle, and if they do not like the attitude of their middle class GP, they can always ‘pay’ for a second opinion. GPs working in the modern NHS are nothing more than medicalised accountants tasked with excluding as many people from the NHS as possible as a means to save money. Instead of acknowledging that social pressure causes illnesses, these new GPs blame the individuals for the ailments they suffer. In this regard, these new GPs continue the centuries old bourgeois project of dominating the working class at the point contact.

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