Holodomor Hoax In Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ Ukraine

Maidan Neo-Nazi Ukrainians

The far-rightwing ‘Maidan’ Ukrainian regime currently occupying the territory of Western Ukraine was brought to power as part of a Western anti-Russia campaign supported by President Barack Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron in 2014. This neo-Nazi movement illegally ousted the democratically elected government and set about a ruthless suppression of the population. The EU has collaborated in supporting this neo-Nazi regime, whilst Russia supports the Socialist Republics of the Eastern Ukraine. Part of the propaganda offensive by the ‘Maidan’ regime has been to develop US Cold War ideology, and continue with the inventing of Soviet atrocities. This is where the ‘myth’ of ‘Holodomor’ comes into play. The ‘Maidan’ neo-Nazi regime would have an unsuspecting world believe that ‘ethnic Ukrainians’ were subjected to a deliberate ‘purge’ by the Soviet State (for reasons unspecified) where the alleged deprivation of food led to the starvation of between 7-10 million Ukrainians during 1932-1933. The problem is that there is no evidence such an event ever happened. Holodomor is a pretentious myth invented to attract sympathy toward a ruthless neo-Nazi regime that has been allowed to ‘illegally’ seize power in Western Ukraine. What makes this claim even more ludicrous is that US President Roosevelt established full diplomatic relations with the USSR in 1933, and even sent Harpo Marx as a good will ambassador to ‘lighten the mood’ at the newly established US Embassy in Moscow. It stretches the imagination beyond belief to suggest that a US President would initiate such actions during an apparent ‘purge’ of Ukrainians.

The reality is quite different from what the ‘Maidan’ ideologues have been suggesting. The kulaks were peasant farmers that had been given years to prepare for the switch to collectivized farming. The kulaks were given every assistance by the Soviet State, but when the time came to present their cultivated land for government use, many kulaks smashed their machinery, slaughtered their livestock and destroyed the seed needed for growing vitally important crops. This sabotage had a disastrous effect throughout large areas of the USSR (not just the Ukraine) that took a few years to stabilise. During this time, life was hard and people went hungry. However, this was not the fault of Socialist thinking or the consequence of a deliberate Soviet plan, it was caused by kulaks acting in a selfish and destructive manner to the detriment of the entire Soviet population. What has to be seen clearly is that the ‘Maidan’ regime is desperately trying to achieve an internationally recognised ‘victim’ status, and it is attempting to do this by ‘inventing’ a false holocaust for themselves, such as the very real holocaust inflicted upon the Jewish population of Europe during WWII by the Nazi Germans. The irony here is that the Nazi Germans did indeed carry-out a very brutal ‘holocaust’ in the Ukraine between 1941-1943, and in this killing targeted the Jews, disabled, homosexuals, Communists and anyone who disagreed with their Hitlerite ideology. An inconvenient fact the ‘Maidan’ regime does not want remembered or broadcast is that a certain section of the ethnic Ukrainian population actively joined the ranks of the Nazi German armed forces, and enthusiastically participated in the murder of tens of thousands of innocent Soviet citizens. It is the descendents of these WWII Ukrainian criminals that are the architects of the modern ‘Maidan’ régime. The idea that the Soviet Union routinely committed atrocities against its own people is ahistorical and arose through US post-WWII anti-Soviet propaganda. This is why at the time the US and the USSR established diplomatic relations in 1933, the world knew nothing about any supposed Soviet attack on the Ukrainian people. There must be a certain element of insanity within a small population of the Ukrainian ‘Slavic’ people, that would conceive an invasion by the ‘anti-Slavic’ Nazi German forces as somehow being in their best interests! Finally, during November 2017, the ‘Maidan’ neo-Nazi regime approached its ally – the British government – and requested that the UK formally ‘recognise’ the Holodomor incident as a ‘genocide’ and a ‘holocaust’, but things did not go as expected. The British government declined, stating that the definition of ‘genocide’ was established in 1948 as a direct result of the Nazi German holocaust against the Jews of Europe. As Holodomor allegedly happened prior to 1948, it is was subject to the 1948 ruling. The British government further stated that whatever happened in Ukraine in the early 1930’s, it was a not a racially motivated attack from an outside power. During this dialogue the British government did mention that certain Western Ukrainians had participated in the Jewish holocaust.

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