How Facebook Supports Fascism


I recently write a post exposing the brutal and predatory capitalism that underlies Facebook as a business and manipulator of politics and culture. I made the point that FB steals your data without your knowledge or consent, and sells it to faceless third parties – also without your knowledge and consent. This knowledge is used to further exploit you and keep you in your place. In the meantime, FB makes millions out of you – and you never see a penny. I suggested that the way to use this system is to make your data so leftwing and radical that when FB disseminates it without your permission, they are unwittingly spreading a counter ideology to their fascistic logarithms. I hit the ‘post’ button – and nothing happened. I hit the post button again and I got a message I had never received before, it stated – ‘There is an error in connectivity – this post cannot be unloaded without losing data.’ I left it at the time and went on to something else. However, over the last few days a number of rightwing trolls have crossed my path and I have noticed how FB protects them. A fascist makes a racist, homophobic, violent or otherwise outrageous and disruptive post and FB allows the post to stand without any interference. However, when a counter-comment is made – including external links – exposing the fascism as ‘incorrect’ – FB flags the counter-comment as ‘spam’ and immediately deletes it. This leaves the original fascist comment ‘uncontested’ giving the false impression that there is a general consensus that it is correct.

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