How Soviet Disabled Citizens Built T-34 Tanks During WWII!


Although the USSR transformed into modern Russia in 1991 – parts of the military threatened rebellion if their Red Flags were taken from them. During WWII (i.e. ‘The Great Patriotic War’) the Nazi Germans and their Eastern European Allies (such as Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary etc), destroyed around 44,000 Soviet tanks. The re-located Soviet tank factories managed to build 80,000 tank replacements – with the workforce consisting of 50% women and 15% young boys. Amazingly, as there was no discrimination against people with disabilities in the Soviet Union, many disabled people worked in the tank factories carrying-out vital engineering and construction work. This was an important aspect of disabled resistance in the USSR – as it was no secret that the disabled population of the Western USSR (under Nazi German occupation), was the first and most obvious target for the fascist Death Squads. Tens of thousands of disabled people were rounded-up and shot, raped, tortured and beaten to death – and their bodies humiliated and dismembered. Most were burned in special cremation pits in the Ukraine. Today, with the rise of Western-backed neo-Nazism in Western Ukraine, anti-disability prejudice is being practised yet again. As the Soviet Union suffered millions of deaths, and as all able-bodied men were called-up from the factories, other elements of the Soviet population had to take their place. These outstanding people put the famous T-34 Tanks together and helped to win the war against Adolf Hitler and his fascism. As disabled people are under attack in the UK today (by the incumbant Tory Party), it is important to draw strength from past examples of disabled glory and triumph! Modern Russian Tank Regiments retain the Red Flag out of respect to for own casualties during WWII, but also out of respect for the glorious disabled Citizens of the USSR who bravely stayed at their posts whilst often pinned-down by enemy fire, and whilst having to use highly diminished resources, still managed to produce functional tanks!

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