China ‘Bans’ the Commercial Ivory Trade (1.1.2018)

I was asked if it is true that Communist China has ‘banned’ ivory imports. The up to date headlines state:
This confirms the ‘ban’ is correct and comes into force midnight on January 1st, 2018:
‘As part of China’s world-wide policy of animal preservation and protection, as of the 1.1.2018, China will ‘ban’ all ivory imports intended for processing and commercial purposes. The general public will receive the appropriate education, and be encouraged to support and perpetuate this ‘ban’.’
To assist in the policing of this ‘ban’, Baidu is launching a new phone app which connects Chinese citizens directly to the appropriate rapid response police department. The modern Chinese State is of the opinion that killing elephants for their tusks is a thing of the past, and that the traditions premised upon this trade must adapt to modern times. In December 2016, the General Office of the State Council of China issued a regulation stating that all ivory processing was to be curtailed and reduced, so that all such activity ceases by December 31, 2017. Anyone caught dealing in this trade after the 1.1.2018 will be severely punished according to the Law of the PRC.

Chinese Language Source:

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